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    new build, need to find Golf Channel

    Howdy, having done a new build on my device i've lost access to the Golf Channel. I know it still exists as i can watch it thru Kodi on my laptop. I was in MIC (gone) i saved it as a favourite so i guess the path is stored in my faves. Does anyone know where i will find it now? Thanks in Advance
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    macbook 10.10 installing skins crashes, kills kodi

    Howdy, i'd had a few issues with Kodi so i did a fresh start. Kodi loads no issue. If i try install any addons it just freezes & kills KOdi. I have app zapped all logs & files and have clean installed Kodi several times. Any help is appreciated. Would be nice to fix this.
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    As Seen On TV AUS

    Ok so i found the As Seen on TV Aussie edition. Was surprised to see such a line up, but am disappointed that none of the Ch7 & Ch9 feeds work. Has anyone else experience this ? Is this Geo Blocked from Aussies watching?
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    Unbroken Iphone Installation

    Howdy guys i have tried to follow the instructions to install Kodi on my iPhone 6 without Jailbreaking it. I am getting a few errors regarding the installation. Such as "creating a profile requires having a device registered in the Member Centre " Can someone please offer some tips . Or a...
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    intel NUS issues & questions

    intel NUC issues & questions A long time XBMC user here who has half a clue but previously have only used ATV2 so the question is can i upgrade from 12.2 to gotham from inside XBMC in any form? is there a way to download the file and install it with hub wizard etc or do i have to do it...
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    Not Working the way it Should ... i think

    Ok i am trying to get things working on my XBMC. After recent upheavals of N*viX crashes & Icefilm crashes & script errors i have been searching and doing a lot of trying to figure things out. I have gone to the extreme measure of deleting XBMC & re-installing it. I have had errors and wanted...