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    Alright let me make clear I pay for a subscription to USTV Now I asked KODI for help and they rudely accused me of pirating and it pissed me off to no end because I told them I paid fore the service in the original post. Ok now to the point I have had a continuing problem and it is only getting...
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    USTV NOW PLUD won't work over 1hr

    Hey guys I believe this is your problem but maybe not. My USTV NOW keeps freezing and losing connection to the channels. I run the system clean and actually manually clean and reboot hoping to solve the problem but it acts like the data stream is being intermittently interrupted just long enough...
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    Problem with USTV Now

    Hey Guys there seems to be some problem connecting to USTV Now on Kodi. It works perfectly on Firefox but it refuses to sign in on Kodi also I am having a huge problem connecting to shows on some nights when there seems to be a popular show on as if your servers are overloading. Can you please...