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    Fire TV 2 Announced

    Next generation fire tv been announced today Available for pre order Supports 4k Micro sd card slot Controllers now use wifi instead of bluetooth Alexa New processor Full spec and details here
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    Forum issues,adverts on peoples posts

    Suddenly pages arent being displayed correctly (on a pc anyways) Peoples posts are being shoved across to the right hand side of the screen and there is a big gap to the left of them When i turned adblock and ghostery off to see what the trouble was,the big white gap is now adverts appearing...
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    Quick question for someone that has root

    If you have your fire tv rooted,can you ssh into it and see the apps that you install from amazon appstore? If yes is it possible to copy them to a pc If that is possible,can you sideload the app back to the fire tv and will it still show up on the proper homescreen as an amazon app (or will...
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    cokeandpopcorn anyone? Big collection of all kinds of different videos and a tv shows section aswell cokeandpopcorn(dot)ch
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    Since fusion has had a bit of reorganisation lately,what with great new addons been made and such,it seems some users are having a bit of trouble finding their way around when searching for specific addons/repos Hopefully this list will make things a bit easier to show where everything is...
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    Something for the ghost lovers

    Thought you might like to listen to this from one of our local radio stations They do ghost hunts and the like and always have a halloween special Its live from a plague island inside an old asylum live feed Dont have nightmares ;)
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    Happy halloween

    Happy halloween to all our users and team members Stay safe and enjoy yourselves
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    Just found this addon and wanted to share

    Just was looking at spotimc for xbmc and came across this by accident. I havent seen it before,does anyone know anything about it or where its from? I dont speak spanish (i think its in spanish anyway lol) Ive got it installed and it works great.Its...
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    [HOW TO] Solve issues with Bt Home hub 4

    There has been issues from users that have upgraded to BT home hub 4 and their set up has stopped working,addons wont connect etc Try this fix if you have this issue with the BT Hub 1. login to router 2. go to advanced settings 3. home network 4. smart setup 5. disable smart setup Credit to...
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    How to change permissions?

    Im trying to update librtmp on my jynxbox running linux but i cant copy the new file over or remove the old one as i get the error "read only file system" Im using winscp and putty and both give the same errors Tried changing permissions via winscp and also via a command but get the same error...
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    m3u8 files

    Is there a way to play m3u8 streams on linux? They work on android and windows and ios but wondered if anyone knows if its possible on a linux build box? Cheers for any info
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    Another use for raspberry pi...or not lol

    Anybody watch the gadget show last week? I was laughing at this.Not very tasty looking
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    Constantly creating logs

    Everytime i run xbmc,it appears to be creating a log for some reason.Is this normal? I just looked in my xbmc folder on my laptop and there is a big long list of logs its been making from everytime ive ran it Theres nothing on the screen saying its creating a log i.e debugging isnt turned on,so...
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    Hub wizard/hub maintenance

    Been quite a few issues the last few days and all have had the same problem The hub wizard seems to be installing an older version of hubmaintenance (seems like its 5.3) and this doesnt contain the 1Ch**nel fix.It has a 1Ch**nel down fix in it which people are getting confused with and thinking...
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    Is something wrong with the site?

    Anyone else having trouble with the site? When i try and bring up the web page i keep getting error messages error 504 and error 500 Its taken me about 10 minutes to try and log in.When i have manged to log in,pages wont load,i keep having to refresh them over and over
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    Hub Artwork

    Just had a thought about maybe adding a section on the forum for hub artwork? Theres been a few requests from devs lately wanting artwork for addons,so thought it might be nice to have a section for people to submit their work. It will keep everything in one place and people can submit their...
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    movie artwork

    Just knocked up a quick movie artwork/logo. If anyone likes it or wants to nab it for anything,feel free. Just getting to grips with photoshop and never done this before so its ok to say its crap lol
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    Confluence custom background on stb

    Dont know if this is something simple ive missed so maybe some can help please.... I have a nice xbmc hd background i want to use for my confluence custom background picture.I have it on a usb stick plugged into my jynxbox (running linux).So i can select the path where the usb stick is plugged...
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    Happy Easter to you all

    Just want to wish you all a happy easter There are people from all over the globe on this forum now so i just want to wish all of you wherever you may be,a happy easter and whatever you are doing,be safe and have a nice time Have a good one guys and girls :D And i hope for 3 points against...