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    Anyone having trouble logging into the site from uk?

    Something strange going on here.Im unable to login to the site unless i use a proxy from usa. The same happened last night around the same time.I tried different proxies from the uk,netherlands but none would work unless it was a usa one. At the same time i was unable to access the Ic*f*lms...
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    spotify web it possible?

    I know this was already discussed in the music section so thought i would put it in here as a request Would this be possible as spotify have introduced a web player? I know there is spotimc but that works more like the actual spotify program and needs a premium account to be able to login and...
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    is something up with xbmc?

    Not sure which section to put this in as its happening with every repo i have Is there a problem with xbmc or repo or something? Im unable to check for any updates for any repo that i have installed.It just says working and the spinning wheel appears then xbmc crashes. Tried on laptop and...
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    ios 6.1.3/5.1.2

    ios 6.1.3/5.2.1 Dont upgrade!!! Apple has released ios 6.1.3 for devices and 5.2.1 for the atv DONT UPGRADE!!! as you will lose your jailbreak (at least for now anyway) and no more xbmc :(
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    Frodo 12.1
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    Might be worth a look if anyone can do it

    Used to use this site before,seems like they updated it. Got a lot of sports streams and also some tv and movies
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    ANyone know what this build is?

    Saw this on the xbmcandroid site and just wondered if anyone had any idea about the build? Is it the same as the ones been posted on here? They were saying on there that its a gbox linux port for the jynxbox. I asked if they had tried it but got no reply yet...
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    [HOW TO] Remove addons/repos manually from android .apk

    Sometimes when you install xbmc on android it comes with repos/addons that you may not want or will never use and these addons are not configurable from within xbmc i.e the uninstall/disable option is greyed out. There seems to be a couple of ways to remove these items but the way that i found...
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    How do i remove addons manually?

    Trying to remove some addons that came pre installed with the build i used e.g tedtalks and tmz,but what do i need to do to remove these addons? Ive gone into the addons folder and deleted the plugins.whatever.addon folders but when i run xbmc they are still there!! Anyone know how to get rid of...
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    Just to say thanks

    Finally got my jynxbox up and running with external player (i think lol),and just wanted to say a big thanks to the guys that helped me sort it out.Jasonpc,sludge,gsh (who also gave me advice on the android forum) and anyone else that chipped in. I had no clue about android and these guys helped...
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    Finally got my internet back on

    Bloody typical.Phone and internet went off on wednesday and then my jynxbox turns up lol (thanks again guys) and i have no internet to be able to play around with it. Time to look at the forum and see what goodies ive missed since last week and then spend today playing with the android box :D
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    mp3 search not working?

    Hi is anyone else having problems with mp3search not working? Its always worked for me in the past but i just tried it today and when i search for something,nothing comes up except for "next page" at the top of the screen. Cheers
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    How to delete music from library

    Hi,just wondering if its possible to delete music from my library once it has been scanned in? I know in the library section for movies or tv shows the context box has this option to remove whichever file we want but this doesnt seem to be the case for music. Ive been reading on and the...
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    linux or atv?

    Hi,ive been doing quite a bit of reading on the forums as i want a box for my tv in the house.Im currently running xbmc on a windows laptop and love it but its a bit awkward having to keep hooking it up to the tv so i have decided between either the appletv2 (if i can find one at a reasonable...
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    Hello peeps

    Hello guys,just introducing myself to the forums.Not been using xbmc for long but love what i have found up to now,so thought i would join the clan.Been reading the forums a lot and seem like a friendly bunch.No doubt i will have many questions to follow ;) and also if i can help in anyway,il...