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    Kodi / USENET / SABNZBD / SONAR / NAS ----Where to start?

    Ok I have been using Kodi for about a little over 5 years now and I love it! I just recently started using SABNZBD and SONAR with a USENET and I like that as well. I am running out of storage room on my 3TBs of storage so I am going to buy a NAS. I am thinking of purchasing a 4 bay NAS and...
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    Titan Skin issue

    Using Titan Beta on Kodi 17.1 and I recently started having a problem with loading a widget. I am trying to load a Live TV widget for my PVR so it displays my channels. I had it before and it use to display PVR art, but recently stopped working. When i go to add the widget back then it gets...
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    Fusion isn't working for me - can't open folders

    The url changed recently
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    What is a good tv show addon?

    Ok...SA*TS works just fine. You have to take the time to learn how to set it up. If you are having issues with sources buffering for "buffering myths and solutions" you might find a few things that will help you. Buffering has nothing to do with the addon. There are wayyyyy to many...
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    Tired of Buffering when playing movies on Genesis

    What real debrid sources are you using?
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    Fire tv stick constantly crashes, returns to home screen

    Buy a hdmi ext cable and move it away from the interference from your subwoofer or other interference.. they have mult options there of lengths. Very cheap.
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    Fire tv stick constantly crashes, returns to home screen

    What freq and channel does your subwoofer operate on? For your wifi do you have 2.4 or a 5ghz connection? The location of the hdmi port on your other tv could have been providing shielding and that is why it was working. How about using an hdmi ext cable and relocating the fire stick from poss...
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    Fire tv stick constantly crashes, returns to home screen

    Some electronics are sensitive to dirty power others are not. So your tv might be fine during a "sag" or a "outage" but it can cause other electronic devices to have system crashes. We are talking minute voltage drops in one or two phases or an outage in anything greater than half a cycle. Just...
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    Fire tv stick constantly crashes, returns to home screen

    Do you have dirty power? Had a problem with PC before and would have to unplug it for 2 minutes and plug it back in for it to turn on again. It really does sound like a power problem. Try a outlet with extension cord that is a different circuit like the other gentlemen in here suggested.
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    Fire Stick / Kodi universal remote solution

    Ok. I am officially stoked! I got kodi running with my amazon fire stick. Now the problem is that I have 3 friggin remote controls. A tv remote control, a soundbar remote control and a fire stick remote control. It is horrible! I have been trying to figure out solutions but since the fire stick...
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    I cannot see the thumbnail poster they are all blank

    It also just might be very very slow to cache the thumbnails. How big is the library? Like showgin said Hardware Performance may also be an issue. I had this problewith a big library and external storage...took forever.
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    USTVNOW not working at all.

    Their website should explain it. But I know if you set it at the lowest level it's unlimited. Have you used genesis addon from lambda's repo? If you don't mind not watching live you can pretty much watch anything in HD.
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    USTVNOW not working at all.

    If you have the free account you need to go to settings and change the bandwidth to the lowest setting. Its capped for free users. Instead I recommend getting an HD antenna and a video capture card for your HTPC if you have a PC. Its awesome in xbmc!
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    Frustrated, But happy to be here

    Anything you need help with to address your frustration? I assume you might be overwhelmed with all the information but this community is excellent at helping you decipher it all.
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    Include UNSUBSCRIBE link directly in monthly email!

    I am sorry...I was just taken back by the level of rudeness that you took with a community that gives you so much. Maybe if you were more polite and tactful you would get someone that cares to look into it more for you. And yes you are correct there is not an unsubscribe link. Maybe ask nicely...
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    Include UNSUBSCRIBE link directly in monthly email!

    There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. Chill. :) your email will be filled only with the mail you want with one short click.
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    Flirt is awesome
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    Ustvnow account

    Yeah got that buddy...I know the EM spectrum probably better than anyone here. Saying HD antenna is the same as saying a digital dvd player. However, a simple VHF rabbit ear antenna will not's easier since they are "marketed" as hdtv antennas to say it thay way and not be...
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    Ustvnow account

    Get an HD antenna and a TV tuner card. I am so glad I got rid of ustvnow. Plus it's free and you get a pvr capabilities. Are you in an HD reception area? If not look at tvfool online and see if a DB8 antenna will work for you. I got one in my attic and I get channels that are 90 miles away! You...
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    How do you get a stable XBMC on Ouya?

    I don't root my ouyas. I just download xbmc from the discovery store...and can download Jota to do some text editing if you need to. I really have never had a reason to root or side load.