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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    Cool thanks. And with Amazon selling the Fire Tvs for 44.95 right now, you think they're worth the extra money?
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    I know this thread is a little older now, so what is a good price to get the mi box for?
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    [RELEASE] (Discontinued)

    nice. Pretty reliable too
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    fire stick vs Nvidia shield?

    I'm wondering if anyone has both a fire stick and Nvidia shield and can speak to the performance differences of using Kodi on both
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    Legend for all the icons on the site

    Perhaps there is one already, but I couldnt find one... A legend for all the icons on the site would be super helpful. Like the Open & closed blue circles, the wifi symbol on the right of threads, etc. Or perhaps some info if you hover over them with the mouse. If anyone know of one already, let...
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    For those that arent, why not try a short trial of real-debrid or another. Its less than 10 dollars and you can see if its worth it to you. It is to me. Yes, sometimes there are just as good standard sources, but occasionally there are only very low quality standard sources while there are many...
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    TVADDONS Branded Kodi Boxes

    Since you guys know more about what is necessary to run Kodi optimally now and going forth, I bet you could make some serious money by making your own Hardware to run Kodi. Would anyone else out there be interested in one of these as well?
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    Controller - Retro Gaming

    Okay, gotta say. When I saw an image from Mortal Kombat 3 on the advertisement, I got pretty excited about this. Ahhhh. Good ol days
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    Problem with Kodi iptv addons

    I would personally use other live tv addons because I find them more reliable.
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    Controller - Retro Gaming

    can you control Kodi with an xbox controller?
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    RD buffering issues

    I have some issues with RD as well. It seems that through ********* for example, I cant rewind without restarting and then cant fast-forward to where I was to begin with (again, just restarts). With similar standard links, I dont have this problem. And yes, I do notice that it was pause and...
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    Priority --- Does it really matter?

    I goofed and put a wrong number in at first but didn't notice any difference.
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    VPN...Are they Really needed?

    Although I'm sure people will disagree, I've heard it said before by smarter people than myself that "as of now," if you live inside the U.S. using a VPN for the purposes of streaming is useless. From what I've read, it can also cause problems sometimes by blocking content.
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    Say Hello

    My first Hello I dunno why it took me so long to say Hello on a post. Sure would have upped my chances I suppose. Oh wells.