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    URLResolver needs update?

    I'm guessing the URLResolver is the problem for all TvSeries in just about every addon not working properly right now? Could I get a answer form a TVAddons admin. Is the URLResolver the actual problem and is the developer aware of it and will there be a update coming soon? Thanks
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    Any ideas when this one will be fixed? Seems like alot of posts don't get answered around here anymore. Hopefully this one does. Thanks admins.
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    Quick question about Earth Cam.

    I love the Earth Cam addon. It's great to show company when they are over all the cams all over the world. One of my favorite is the The Cats Meow Karaoke. Some nights I would be crying from laughing so hard. My question is Why is there no sound now? I thought maybe it was just my set up but I...
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    Where has gone?

    Can anyone tell me where has gone? It was in the Mister X repository but now it's gone. Mister X repoitory is not in fusion anymore.
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    Saving new background art on mx2 box?

    I made myself a really nice background art. Saved it to my usb stick. As soon as I pull the usb stick out of my mx2 box it disappears. How do I save my custom background art from my usb stick so it doesn't disappear when I remove my usb stick? Thanks in advance.
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    Backup question. Please help.

    I have a few of the Android MX2 boxes. I have one box custom configured with all the addons I want. I would like to download that set up onto a memory stick and then upload it onto my other Android MX2 boxes. I seen there is two different choices under Program addons. There is XBMC Backup and...
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    Screen has shrunk. Please help!

    Today my screen has shrunk when in XBMC. The screen is now a third the size of my tv screen when in xbmc. When I exit XBMC and go back to the 3D Launcher screen my screen is full again. The screen only shrinks when I am in XBMC. I think what may have happened is the dog was laying on the remote...
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    Thumbnails and Shortcuts have disappeared

    I am running XBMC on windows 7. I have done a Fresh Start. Uninstalled XBMC and started from scratch. When I reinstalled I have lost all Thumbnails and Shortcuts. This has happened to me before and found how to fix it somewhere on here but can't seem to find it anymore. Tried deleting...
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    Changing Launchers

    I have chosen the Default Launcher and hit Allway. Can someone please tell me how I can go back and choose the 3D Launcher? Thanks.
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    Android TV Box wifi not working. Please help.

    I have a Android TV Box MX. It was working fine but now it wont connect to wifi. When I try to connect to wifi it says... Refresh Access Point List... Select Your AP Anyone seen this before? Please help me fix this. I plugged in another box the same and connected to wifi no problem.
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    Hi. Everyone.