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    Bad rap for TV Addons

    Agreed, superb support and an active community. You will always find people that will cast doubt in people's mind, but that's where we as a community come in. Let your friends know how good it is, how well it works and point them to the wizard to get them going. RANT OVER:cool:
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    I use real debrid all the time, it's great, no buffering and surround sound when available. I would recommend it to everyone
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    NVidia Shield Thread

    Has anyone managed to load PIA on shield tv yet. I can't seem to get it on and with the restrictions from virgin in the uk most of my addons are blank. Any help would be appreciated, I don't really want to change my vpn as I signed up for a year just before I purchased the shield tv
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    Jail broken iOS 9.02, but Lodi won't run

    Update, Kodi 15.2 now fully functional on ipad running 9.0.2
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    Jail broken iOS 9.02, but Lodi won't run

    Hi guys i think you are right. I have looked at the kodi forum and apparently there is an issue with ios 9 and Kodi. Warning, if you are jailbroken do not upgrade to I.O.S. 9 at the moment if you want to run Kodi Cheers all
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    Jail broken iOS 9.02, but Lodi won't run

    Hi all, I have just upgraded my iPad to IOS 9.0.2 I only did t his as a jailbreak has been released for it. Jailbreak was successful and cydia loaded fine. I downloaded kodi and the app shows on my screen but when l try to run it the screen flashes black for a second and then goes back to...
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    Which VPN is Best?

    ok guys, now had enough of trying to keep ahead of restrictions here in the uk so i am going to move to a vpn. My question (sorry about this) is that i do a lot of HD streaming and i am thinking of using pure vpn. Is it fast enough? Also i have noticed that even if i use an alternate site to...
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    Has anyone got a Minix NEO z64??

    I think you could do a lot worse than the Minix x8h plus. i got one a couple of weeks ago, updated the firmware, loaded kodi (latest stable) and away it went. Wireless connection is fine (speedtest gives me a constant 65/70 download) and i can steam 1080 films without any buffering. I had...
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    IOS 8 problems? :-(

    Slightly off topic guys, but I have just tried to download and install the latest knightly on my new iPad Air ( running ios8) I managed to download the file to file but got the following message : dpkg: status database area is locked by another process Finished with Result Code: 512 Has anyone...
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    Mx2 launcher

    Hi thanks, tried that, but when I press home xbmc is not offered as an option, just 3d launcher or the standard one. I think I have somehow managed to delete it from the launcher options, any ideas?
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    Mx2 launcher

    Hi all, don't know if you can help, but! I removed xbmc from my box and installed the new gotham release. As a result I lost the xbmc option from the launcher, it now only shows the 3d launcher and the standard launcher. Can anyone tell me how to put the xbmc back in to the " "complete action...
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    Mx2 launch menu

    Ok thanks will have a look at that, I'm fairly new to android and still trying to find my way with it!
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    Mx2 launch menu

    Don't know if you can help! I removed xbmc and re- installed gotham rc1, all works well but I have lost the xbmc icon from the initial launch menu, ( I have to go all the way in and hunt for it in the main screen). Does anyone know how I can put it back in the start menu? Thanks
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    Mx2 help needed

    Thanks for the reply, as you can see from the above, I have now got gotham rc1 up and running. Any idea how to get the xbmc icon back on the start up as an option ( it has disappeared) Thanks for your help
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    Mx2 help needed

    Thanks for that, it worked. I'm now running rc1 with the wizard loaded. Whilst not all repo's are working yet most are and the system runs well. Thanks for your help. I have lost the xbmc icon from the start menu any idea how to get it back, it's a pain having to go in to the system and hunt for it.
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    Mx2 help needed

    Hi guys, it's probably me, but I need a little help.! I used to use an apple tv2 running frodo. A couple of months ago I purchased a matricom mx2 and to be fair it has performed very well. I decided to upgrade the current settings through the hu wizard and clicked on the matricom link to...
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    help vpn on atv 2 for xbmc

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to use a vpn with apple tv2 (i.e. load the vpn direct to apple ? The ATV2 doesn't seem to support vpn but having had a look at xbmc there seems to be a set up available for vpn within the set up. Can anyone help me with this. Thanks