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    tvaddon repo

    i went to the tv add-on repo cant find Pho*nix or N*vi X the list is small there is only 7 or 8
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    does Kodi run on atv 1 yet
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    music add-ons

    im running xbmc 13.2 i cannot find the music add on Shout and Radio
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    ATV flash Black

    i updated my maintenance on my apple tv 2 on the apple main menu and now the maintiance tool has disappeared from the main menu
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    update xbmc

    how to update xbmc from 13.1 to 13.2
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    how do i update xbmc on my apple 1 to Ghotam 13.1 or does it have to be rejailbreaked
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    Ghotam 13

    Many plug-in are not compatible with this new update any word on when the plugins will work for Ghotam
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    Keep getting ?

    what does it mean when keep getting the "?" on the screen i have unpluged it and and pluged it back in same thing
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    apple tv 2 light not on NEED HELP

    when hooking up my apple tv 2 to the computer the light does not turn on but the computer sees it try to use seasons pass to jailbreak to 5.3 which apple is currently on 6.0.2 when it get in to the dfu mode u try with the rtemote for 7 seconds nothing happens and wifi on the apple tv aint...
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    Frodo 12.2 to 12.3

    my apple tv 1 is jailbroken with CB running frodo 12.2 does it automatically update to 12.3 or do i have to rejailbreak it
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    ATV2 Problem

    Apple TV 2,can't communicate with TV,solid light is on after connected to TV but no any pictures. I was watching movie and apple freeze up,respond in iTune but not show on TV,was tethered jailbreak on 5.3 software, XBMC and other goodies was installed.
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    ios software

    if you restore your apple tv 2 can you use this site to put what ever ios on your apple tv 2
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    Recovery mode

    i have a friend that his apple tv 2 is stuck on recovery mode how do you fix this with out restoring the apple tv
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    apple tv 1

    i have a keyboard hooked up to my apple tv my nephew hit a button on the keyboard and made my xbmc small how do i fix that my xbmc use to fill the whole screen any ideas
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    apple software 6.0.2

    is there a jailbreak for apple software 6.0.2
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    CPU usage

    is it normal for the CPU usage to jump around 90 to 95%
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    Kicked out

    during watching a tv show on 1Ch**nel it kicks me out half way through the show why?
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    Script Error Message

    i have a friend thats is getting a script error message on every plugin whats does this mean rejailbreak
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    Script Error Message

    everytime i load into xbmc on my apple tv 2 keep getting a script error message in the corner saying Error Script failed any idea how to fix this
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    ATV1 jailbreak with Crystalbuntu

    just to give every one a heads up on when jailbreaking apple tv 1 using crystalbuntu you must use HDMI not the component cable , component cable you will get no video or audio just some thing i would like to share because i have jailbreaking my buddy's atv1 he took it home and he told me he kept...