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    ios 6

    the newest software on the apple tv 2 has it been cracked yet and if so will there ever be a jailbreak for apple tv 3
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    XBMC to

    my xbmc on my apple 1 turned into xuni___ but not my apple 2 what does this mean ? what is this
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    im gonna buy a apple tv with software version 5.2 (6010.96) is this tethered jailbrak or untethered
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    my atv1 keeps crashing i went in to Spo*ts De*il the one day and my apple tv 1 crashed went in to the boot screen again power off the on sticks at the boot screen any ideas
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    WIFI Crystalbuntu

    how do i use the wifi in the crystalbuntu settings in xbmc i have try everything what am i do wrong
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    Missing Repos

    the new fusion is missing some repos how do i get those missing repos that where there before like Su*** *epo and mash mikey123 any help any links
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    Jailbreak ATV2

    can Firmware 4.4.4 bejailbroken on apple 2 still untethered or does the software have to be updated
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    Jailbreaking Help

    i have just finished jail-braking apple 1 for some reason the 1 channel plug-in keeps getting plugin script erro when i try to enter the 1 channel some others as well get plugin script erro running EDEN 11.0
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    what version software on apple 2 are untethered please give list
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    Tethered or Untethered Jailbreak

    i have a apple tv 2 running on 5.0.1 will it be untethered jail break or will it be a tethered jailbreak and what software are tethered
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    Need Help ATV!

    every time i go to xbmc/boxee it tells me i erro cannot launch xbmc/boxee from path i go to maintance to try to update xbmc i get an erro any one know what the prolem is
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    Need Help!

    A friend of mine has a black android box on his xbmc every plug-in that he try's to click on says script error and when he clicks on the mash up plug-in a green x would come up and say error module check deos any body know how to fix this
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    Need help Jailbreaking Apple TV 1
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    apple tv 1 jailbreak iOS 3.0.2 is it tethered or untethered
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    Android tv pivos xios

    i just got Android tv pivos xios it has XBMC on it already with some add-ons but how do i get more add-ons and how do i update these add-ons
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    Just for Laughs GaGs

    i have search almost every add-on on XBMC for the TV show Just for Laughs gags it's a hidden tv camera show that plays jokes on people very funny and it's a great show i found the stand up comedy one of Just for Laughs but not the hidden camera version
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    Jailbreaking ATV2

    after o am trying to jailbreak my ATV2 with the newest firecore software ever time i finish the process i hook it up to my TV after to load XBMC it shows the Apple logo the the led light just flashes any body know what i am doing wrong i even restored it and tried it again same thing Need help...