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    indigo backup error

    Kodi 17.3 on Intel Nuc. Just tried doinf a backup and get 20:33:18.246 T:139640599844608 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS...
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    Apple Trailer Lite (Fixed) for Kodi

    managed to get the apple trailers lite working again in Kodi if any one it interested i can upload somewhere. Anyone know a free place to upload.... tks
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    Addons that work with Kodi 14 Beta 1

    Is it possible to create a list or a admin create a list of Addons that are currently working with the Kodi 14 beta 1 I think it would be good to see what needs to be fixed and what is already ok to use. Just an Idea
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    There are currently 2 addons that use (Str**m All T** Sou**es & Cliq) for hosting their addons. Both of these will not update. Tried going to in web browser and cannot get page to load... Are they having issues... thanks
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    Picking a Remote

    Really need help picking a remote to use with XBMC in Openelec on Intel NUC N2820 Have seen the following that i like. 1. RT-MWK25 2.4Ghz 2. Full-tivo-slide-remote 3. Rii Mini i25 4. QNAP RM-IR002 (would like this one as most similar to Apple TV2) 5. XBOX one remote Are any of these RC6...
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    What XBMC to Install

    Have just purchased an Intel Nuc (Celeron) and now want to install XBMC As there are so many to choose from , I wanted to know which one would best and why. ie Openelec, RaspXBMC, XBMCUbuntu etc Things like :- which is fastest at showing Movie lists and art work. Is SSH enabled How often do...
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    Looking for advice on New HTPC

    At the moment i have ATV2 and it is at the point where i am looking to get something a lot faster. I have seen lots of reviews on Intel NUC and am very interested in getting one. Problem is which would be the best one to go for. I will only use it for XBMC/KODI as a Media centre. Would like it...
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    Request force scanfolder

    i am trying to create an addon that given a list of paths will scan for new tv episodes the problem i am facing is the scan does not seem to be working properly. I have it at the moment where it does scan each path, but think its not waiting for previous path to finish scanning, hence i think...
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    Copy text to Windows PC Clipboard

    Hi what i would like to do is copy text from an XBMC Addon to the windows pc clipboard. And then minimize XBMC to then rightclick and past text. Is this possible
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    library update addon to scan new content for certain shows

    i have seen some examples to update a single TVshow path, but how would i go about updating say 10 shows What i am trying to do is create an addon that will update just for example 10 shows (favorites) then shut down. I can then go into my smart playlist and show 10 shows only and then be able...
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    want to try beta 13.1.1

    hi, i have stable version 13.1 on ATV2 and just seen a beta 13.1.1 would like to try this. i have seen commands for Terminal:- rm -f *xbmc*.deb wget dpkg -i *xbmc*.deb rm *xbmc*.deb...
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    Incompatible Addons (fixes)

    hi. as Gotham was recently released, i updated ATV2. And as expected some addons are incompatible. Now everytime i check for updates, i keep having to click yes or not to disable due to incompatibility. I click no as most addons still work. My question is this. Is there anyway to edit any files...
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    ATV2 wont stream anymore with XBMC 13.0

    just tried to play from Demand 5, iPlayer, ITV but they all crash the ATV2 back to Apple Interface Just looked in the folder to check librmtp and its not there. seems like a lot of files are missing. Does anyone know why its not working at present. thanks
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    Want to build HTPC

    Hi. I am thinking of building a HTPC as i think it would be a lot quicker than the ATV2 i have at present & a Raspberry Pi. Only trouble i have is what OS to run. On ATV2 i can make changes to files ie for the Home page and add extra buttons , also change files if need be. However on the...
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    XBMC on Raspberry pi controlled by Apple silver controller

    I would like to know if anyone has successfully got an Apple ATV 2 silver remote to work with a Raspberry Pi running XBMC. (raspxbmc,openelec or other). I know you can connect a receiver to the GPIO connectors but have not seen anyone who has had full success. ie the Holding of the Menu button...
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    Git Hub problems

    Hi All. I know there are issues with Repo's not showing with regards to Github and the url changes but is there any where on the forum to give updates. I have searched and can find info about the problems , but not any that say if the problem has been resolved, or if anyone using github has...
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    Help with Addon Settings using Android

    Could anyone pls advise how to move around in settings for any/all addons. ie Using ATV2 with 1Ch**nel there are 4 tabs displayed and if you click right on the remote the tabs scroll right. But using Android i see the 4 tabs but cannot get it to scoll right. I have tried swiping, clicking the...
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    To Web Admin re Version Numbers

    Not sure if its possible, but could there be a section with a list of latest addons ( A-Z) and their version numbers and if they work with Eden or Frodo or Both. That way at a glance any one can see what is latest version. (maybe a link back to sub section for download link) tks
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    New ODroid Board

    just seen an article about a new board and wanted to know if anyone has tested it yet and what their views on it are.
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    help needed getting a webpage

    i am trying to get data from yourtvseries webpage but it appears some of the info is hidden and not sure how to get it here is a link i can see the 1st set of links in the html, but the 2nd list is not there. Looks like a class is...