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    Any News about Metahandler

    just wanted to know if there is any news re the development of the Metahandler addon. thks
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    Use Apple TV2 Remote with Rasberry Pi + XBMC

    I really like using the Apple TV remote. Simple and only have to use thumb. Is there any way it can be used with the Rasberry Pi. Is there any Receiver I can plug in and it will work Or is there anyone in the Dev community that can code and hack something together tks
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    New Pivos XIOS DS media centre + XBMC

    Just came across the Pivos XIOS DS media box and wanted to know if anyone has installed XBMC on it yet. What do you think of it. Does it work well. Which addons still work and which ones dont. I am in UK and dont think they are selling here yet, but would like...