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    not working add on list

    I have tried about 30 addons, trying to watch the crown, a netflix original...none there a list of non working addons, i know it would be huge, as most dont, but it would save folks a waste of time installing them.
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    720 and 1080, is 480 dp

    why is it that so many movies say there in 720 are 1080, and yet they are in 480, why waste our time, why not just state its 480,
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    cant cut cord with kodi

    When i first got my kodi box i was thrilled, that i could kill my cable...after about 2 weeks of not finding content, not watching local channels, not watching movies, when i wanted, i posted a rant here and got bashed like crazy. I decided to give it another try...its been 3 mos now, and i have...
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    old man in future times

    just thought i would share. i was born in the early 50s,. most did not have tv, when we got and white 3 channels and it came on at 6am and went off at 12 midnight....jeez.....i guess i was in my 20s when the first hbos came out, there was 5 are 6 channels maybe more, was not many...
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    10 days of kodi , cut the cord...LOL

    Man oh Man...kodi is like a box of never know what you will get... you can tell who puts effort into there addons for guys that do Ic*f*lms,genesis,onechannel,pulsar, etc..u rock. while others that do Al*uc, movies hd...etdc..get off the crack pipe and on the...
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    whats not working today

    Al*uc movies hd much movies Mov**4k add to the list if you have an addon not working today..
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    how to make addons stay as thumbnails, elimaning a step...

    when i click on videos then addons, i have to make them thumbnails every time....i would like to click on videos, and thumbnails pop up, elimating the extra step..... now go videos, go to videos addons, click on left tab, set as thumbnail and view. but it does not stick...i have to every time. i...
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    my comment on kodi not stable, was wrong...i apologize

    My problems was not with was the garbage rom that was chopped up, and severely crippled my some really bad coder....after wiping the rom and finding the bin for the proper has a better interface, 3 times faster, and handles kodi like a dream. I would suggest everyone really...
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    happy camper with tvmc

    bought 4 cheap 49.00 media players and recieved today, hooked one up and it had an out of date helix install on it. unistalled, and added the tvmc to it, works perfect, every addon updated on its own, and very fast. all addons worked.. very happy with it. thanks for the time spend compiling it.
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    kodi not very reliable

    every time you start kodi. its a 50 50 shot it will all way to cut cable cost completely...but kodi would be good to watch a few movies... i installed the custom build from here, tvmc...and still cant install hallmark, are movies hd and a few others...starts to download then just...
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    insegard will not refresh are load any depndecies

    addd a fresh copy of insengard, and can not install any addon, will not update, will not load any update, can not install anything
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    how to make thumbnails stick

    every time i start kodi... i go to addons, and its a list, if i switch it to thumbnails and restart it goes back to a list. how do you get the thumbnails to stick, start, etc....running cchelix. this is very aggravating. i think that the coders have done a great job with kodi..but so far it...
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    how to add streams, etc to diffrent folder

    i am new to kodi...i am running cchelix skin, and was wondering how i can move live tv and streaming icons to a diffrent folder then addons folder.... i would like the addons folder to have the streams, diy,handg,hallmark,bravo,etc in my addons folder and movieshd,muchmovies,etc in a diffrent...
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    how do you remove those sounds

    how do you remove are stop all the sounds in kodi...
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    tv guide that is in kodi

    under the tv tab, i see i click on guide it is to populate this guide, with out getting any other guide.....i have xml file and ini of channels, i wish to view. thanks