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    Choosing an Android Box

    Mi Box for streaming or Nvidia Sheild for streaming and gaming.
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    Walmart is sold out in a 50 mile radius... they still have shelf space with label and price so hopefully they'll come back in stock soon. My understanding is Walmart markets got a certain number on the first release in the USA to enter the market and sales have been brisk and successful. Once...
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    do i need new box

    I'm currently running SPMC and do use Ex**us. SPMC gives me voice search with the remote is the main reason I use it. I haven't had any real problems with buffering related to the Mi Box. I'm curious as to why you would be having problems. I can't understand why it would be something tied to the...
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    I have a question about Android tv box

    Mi Box fits your budget and is best bang for the buck! No regrets here.
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    Contest winner

    Just want to give a shout out to TVADDONS for offering these contest / giveaway events! I just received my FireTV and want to say Thanks!
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    I initially was not impressed with the remote and kept my K400 Logitech Keyboard for a couple of weeks. The voice search option was my draw to the remote and after I caught on to long presses and such I put the K400 back in the closet. I'll use it for initial setups of Friends & Family Mi Box setup.
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    Okay, get ready to kick my ass off tv addons but I'v got some things to say that need

    If the original poster wants service then i suggest he goes and buys a Roku and enjoy the free Hallmark app provided for it. I get tired of hearing the how old I am thing and am not personally attacking the OP but damn I have been doing the coding, IT, hardware, and support thing for 30 years...
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    Could not have said it better! I speak from experience with linux based boxes, windows based, and a butt load of cheap junk versions of android modified by someone out of business or not updating their firmware after a year. I do have my share of Nvidia Shields out among family and friends and...
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    do i need new box

    I've moved on to the Mi Box for $70 and am happy to have a supported Google TV o/s for future support. Doesn't get much better for the money.
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    MXQ adroid box with 4.4.2 says I need new box with os 5

    Cancel that order and buy the Mi Box which runs true Google TV.
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    Buying new Android box need help!!! What's the "BEST"!

    Shield hands down the best Android TV device! Mi Box is a cheap alternative if you don't plan on gaming and just want to have an Android TV streaming device.
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    I just started using the Premium Real Debrid a week or so ago and am pleased with it. Very economical!
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    Updating MXQ to Android 5

    Correct it uses the Google TV Playstore for apps designed for a TV not a phone or tablet app. It is not a test store. The sideloading of common Playstore apps and other apk is another option if what you are looking for is available.
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    Real debrid authorization error

    Thanks for the update!
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    Updating MXQ to Android 5

    Get you money back and buy a Mi Box and move on. $70 get you the true Google Android TV o/s and a nice piece of hardware. I am a big supporter of Libre or Open Elec but if you want an Android box you won't be happy because of not having other apps. Just my 2 cents!
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    Real debrid authorization error

    Curious minds want to know...
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    Need help with Kodi n NVIDIA Shield

    Reinstall it...
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    Indigo Error

    To solve your problem just go to Indigo and use the "Restore to Factory" option. Restart your box. Use Google search on your laptop or desktop and choose some other source for your new addons besides TVADDONS.
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    Why did this auto-install on my machine?

    First off please accept my apologies since you took my post personally. My post reflects my frustration in the behavior of a very large group of unappreciative USERS of the efforts put forth here in this community. I'm not going to get into another rant but some of the freeloaders out there...
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    In the market for another Set Top Box?

    Perfect candidate for the Mi Box for $70 running Google TV The Invidia Sheild is hands down the best streamer with a great side dish of gaming. The Mi Box is the best budget streamer out there right now. I use SPMC and love having the voice control on my Mi Box.