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    Some advice please for a newbie

    Go over to and follow the configuration instructions to install fusion and then get the wizard and use it.
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    What's wrong with the server?

    I'll throw in my two cents now... flawless! Thanks to all that make this happen!
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    Game Install

    Use the playstore to install apps such as games.
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    hello i am henk

    You're at the right place to learn. Begin at and follow installation on whatever hardware you have to work with. Configuration instructions are there also. Welcome to the forum!
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    How to create a custom XBMC profile for another person

    Yes go to settings and create a profile for her. Sorry to be so vague but I'm not able to get to my machine now to step you thru it.
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    It seems to be down right now. It'll be back up soon.
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    HDD Failing

    Most new drives come with the necessary software to clone your old drive.
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    Pipo x7 windows 8.1 box $99

    I'm waiting to order the HP Stream Mini. Price includes keyboard and mouse. Available the 14th.
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    Help !!!

    You are beyond help!
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    pleaseeeeeeee help me, working please wait issues

    Easily adjusted by using the speaker icon on the pause forward control bar. Go to audio offset and adjust to match lips to audio.
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    Do you know Tonido, it is a free personal cloud

    Great product that's been around for a while. Price is right and stable software and hardware.
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    New Addon not working?

    You may want to use the new add-on installer from the fusion repo. After it is installed you can find it under programs. It makes life easy and checks dependencies.
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    Happy BIRTHDAY HIGHWAY99 :d :d :d

    Happy birthday!
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    Welcome to the Hub!
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    how much xbmc worth for you?

    XBMC is not a service, it's an open source software program.
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    Updating xbmc
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    Which XBMC version

    XBMC 13.1 running on Boxee Box (Linux)
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    Hello everyone

    Do you have XBMC running on anything yet?
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    best must have apps?

    Welcome to the hub! Setup fusion and use the add on installer.