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    Ota updater won't update.

    According to the Matricom forum 1.1.6 does not allow OTA to work. OTA works with 1.1.7 but be aware they are not final releases above 1.1.6. Check their forum out for more details.
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    Hub wizard
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome! The hub offers it all with no strings attached.
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    Android comes to Chrome

    This will expand the market for android XBMC running on Chrome hardware!
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    android box seems dead

    If it has 1.1.6 on it I am recommend staying with it until the next final release is available.
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    Best Platform for XBMC??

    check this thread out Be sure and go to the start of the thread.
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    Best Platform for XBMC??

    Load XBMC on your PC and try it out for comparison. What version of XBMC is on the MX2? Gotham 13.1 runs very nicely on the MX2. I wouldn't rush out and buy new hardware. The MX2 performs well.
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    Is this for real

    If one reads the reviews and then buys this no one can help you out.
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    new gotham

    13.1 is stable and I would update.
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    Password entry

    Use a VPN and you're good to go!
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    Network problems installing fusion is the path necessary. Check your syntax closely.
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    Firmware beta 1.1.7 updated 04/07/2014!!

    I'm on the edge... should I or shouldn't I? If I did then I think I'd still do the XBMC Android nightly build of Gotham instead of the Matricom version. Your thoughts on this?
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    Coming soon from Mohu!

    Yet another Android device and from a very stable tech company known for quality, service and support. No I don't work for them but have enjoyed their Mohu Leaf antenna for free HDTV in my area. Sounds like it's available for all in June...
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    Your Favorite TV Series!

    SuperNatural and 2 Broke Girls at our house.
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    How to delete unwanted repo's

    Have you tried the xbmchub maintenance add on? You can delete them from there. In xbmc go to programs - maintenance tool - maintenance and choose to delete repo or add on.
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    GBOX MX2 I feel fooled ;)

    Thanks for the new review... it makes a lot of sense and an unbiased review is nice to see!
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    GBOX MX2 I feel fooled ;)

    Thanks for everyone's input first of all! After reading this thread I have came to the conclusion that I won't be buying the MX2 anytime soon. I've followed them for the last six months and what I've learned is that they are a real hit & miss piece of hardware. Some people get 2-3 devices...