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    Might be Worth a look for a dev

    Over 1,000 classic music videos from the 1980's and over a 1,000 from the 90's thanks if anyone takes it up...
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    No More Wiziwig Its gone :(

    Dear Visitors of WiZiWiG Today is a sad day for all fans of live sports streaming, as we at Wiziwig have to announce that we're forced to close our website, at least for now. This due to new laws in Spain which will get into force starting tomorrow, the 1st January 2015. Failing to comply with...
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    This Addon is a load of Rubbish it Never Works

    Now that I have your Attention :) I would just like to say, Thank you to all the Developers over the past year for all there great work Have a merry Christmas and a very prosperous new year . Cheers
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    I Didn't Know This

    To transcode DTS to AC3 5.1 and Enable Dolby Digital transcoding which was a pain in Frodo to set up well in Gotham You need to change the "Settings level" to Advanced or Expert. then you see more options in the audio section. The option is in the bottom left corner. in system settings Might...
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    Are you Trakt user?

    I would like to see what fellow xbmchub users are watching I only have 2 friends on Trakt :( (billy no mates) If you would like to add me please do. maybe we could build a network of hub users. my username is mirage :)
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    The Funny Picture Thread :)

    Just For Fun Post your funny/strange Pictures Here....
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    This Looks Cool

    Maybe this would make a nice add-on a bit different Real Live Streams from around the world some are HD quality, 70,000+ broadcasters from around the world. how can you not watch this its out of this world
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    Background Music

    I have background music playing whilst browsing files/folders using jappish84 add-on works great, my problem is I am not able to shuffle the play list it keeps playing the same track each time. I have tried to use the simplePlaylist option and i know about smart playlist but there is no option...
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    This would make a nice addon

    Its music radio stream covers all tastes of music with over 37 streams from rock to soul use the drop down menu to change radio streams.. :)
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    Maplins now have Ouya

    On sale at Maplins OUYA - Open Source Games [email protected] £99.99
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    Any chance some nice person would be able to make a ITV/40D addon plsssss