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    Request URLResolver v4.0.15 Issues

    I am getting the exact same issues as PineNut. I have used 5 different add-ons (all maintained and updated) and the issue is still there. I even used vpn that works (i use it for sports with no issues) and still nothing. The problems started with the last two updates. I am getting either a...
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    Aeon Nox TV Show widget

    Hello I am using Aeon Nox skin and I love it but there is one stupid thing that is bugging me. The Movies section widget shows all the films in a line in the middle of the screen so I can scroll across. This happens when I chose Multi Movie Widget. However when the TV show section is shown...
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    Easy Advanced Settings

    I have been having problems with the episodes of my tv show not being added. It only has 1 tv show which is showing in the recently added episodes scroll across the screen. Some really nice people on here have suggested I use Easy Advanced Settings and add: <advancedsettings> <videolibrary>...
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    I give up on Fusion

    I have spent the best part of yesterday and today trying to sort out Kodi and I give up. I did a Fresh Start but that has made the situation worse. I cannot install Fusion, in fact I cannot install ANYTHING. For Fusion it says that 'Installing the Add-on from zip file located at...
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    Failed to install add-on from zip file

    The failure to install anything is due to invalid structures.
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    Failed to install add-on from zip file

    Thanks Funny that it works on mac but not android. Will search and play around countries on VPN. Thanks again.
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    Failed to install add-on from zip file

    Hi Idokfire Thanks for replying. I have just done a fresh start on my Mac and everything is perfect. Fusion installed so the issue is something to do with the android. I live in the uk. I have a VPN that I use. twa96
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    Failed to install add-on from zip file

    Update Nothing is being installed on the android after update. I can't even do another fresh start as it is not allowing any installations. I bought the android pre installed last year. Is this the issue?
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    Failed to install add-on from zip file

    Hello I have done a fresh start on my kodi android and went to install fusion.tvaddons. However when I go to install the zip file it says that it 'failed to install add-on from zip file'. Previously it was saying that it could not connect to the server despite my internet being on. I have...