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    tvaddon repo

    never mind i found it i uninstalled it and reinstalls tvaddon repo
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    tvaddon repo

    i went to the tv add-on repo cant find Pho*nix or N*vi X the list is small there is only 7 or 8
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    Apple TV 4

    Apple TV 4 has already been jail broken ;)
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    Does CB Support KODI?
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    does Kodi run on atv 1 yet
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    Discontinued apple tv2

    u can still update your kodi on the apple 14.2 version
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    trying to update to kodi

    yes uninstall it and re install it should work
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    apple tv crash with 14.2 how to go back to 14.1 pizza

    remove it it with nito and reinstall
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    music add-ons

    i found both of them thanx bullsboy it was actually called SHOUTcast 2
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    ATV flash Black

    well i dont have a copy of the program were can i get it it says u have to pay for it
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    music add-ons

    im running xbmc 13.2 i cannot find the music add on Shout and Radio
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    ATV flash Black

    i updated my maintenance on my apple tv 2 on the apple main menu and now the maintiance tool has disappeared from the main menu
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    Newbie with Appletv2 4.4.4, want to update to kodi

    I wouldnt rush into Kodi yet! stick to xbmc Gotham 13.2
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    KODI and the APPLE TV

    stick to xbmc 13.2 dont rush into Kodi yet
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    is kodi 14 available for apple tv 1st gen

    If there is an update that Kodi will run ATV1 we will post it here in the mean time there is no big difference between Kodi and XBMC 13.2 so i wouldnt rush and worry
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    update xbmc

    i have done what u said unpluging it from the wall still no update
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    update xbmc

    i have gone to the cb settings and clicked on update now rebooted it nothing happen still on 13.1
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    update xbmc

    cb apple tv1
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    update xbmc

    how to update xbmc from 13.1 to 13.2
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    i rejailbreaked it and it worked 13.1 boom