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    Request Are their any good quality weather addons???

    Hey guys: I'm pretty well set up with my box. I am in the NY area and I am looking for a good quality weather addon for Kodi or even just my device(outside of Kodi). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
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    In the market for another Set Top Box?

    Hey guys: I've been using kodi for a while now with the tvaddons front and center!!! I am currently running it on my fire tv. I would like to try running it on something different so I don't have all that Amazon crap in my face when I turn it on. There's plenty of other boxes out there to...
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    Can NordVPN be set up on My FireTV box?

    Hey guys: I am using this vpn and am wondering if there's a tut to set it up on my FireTV box? Thanks
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    New Amazon Stick?

    Has there been any news on whether or not the new version of the stick will still support Kodi?
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    How to connect my Alldebrid account to Kodi??

    Hi all: I have an Alldebrid account that I snyched/connected to Ex**us. Everything was good for a few weeks and then I assume the connection went lost? All the episodes/movies streams used to connect thru my Alldebrid account, but, as of recent, the Alldebrid streams have vanished. I have...
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    Amazon stick is blurry???

    Hey guys: That's the problem in a nutshell. The Amazon stick is plugged into an hdmi slot on my a/v receiver. If I turn the stick on and off, sometimes it comes in perfectly clear, but, more often it's blurry. My internet connection is 25mbps. Could it be I need to speed up my internet...
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    Is there a way to leave Kodi open??

    Hey guys: Is there a way to leave Kodi open on my pc??? Can it be minimized or moved off to the left or right? I haven't discovered a way to do that and I am forever opening and closing it. If not, why isn't it possible. Thanks
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    View a log report?

    Hey guys: New to Kodi here. I've got a few things running including Ex**us, Velo**ty, SA*TS, etc... I get an occasional error when trying to stream some shows. It gives me an error 500 for example and tells me to check the log report. I went looking for it and I can't seem to find it. Any...