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    Nexus Player

    Pre-orders start soon for the Nexus Player. It'll be interesting to see how XBMC works with it and how it compares to the FTV and other android boxes.....
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    720p ROM playback 1080 videos?

    Hi there, I just recently purchased an android box (waiting for delivery) and plan on loading a custom ROM that is set at 720P. What I am asking is if anyone knows whether or not my 1080p videos will output at 1080 within XBMC? I would think that it wouldn't but since Android is very new to...
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    OpenElec and Wireless tip

    So after doing some tests on my pi (with the help of Lambda) I have come across something very interesting. If you're running OpenElec and a wireless dongle with your pi, open up the OE config program and make sure that your "Active Wired Connection" is disabled. I had this enabled (it is by...
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    Android box recommendation??

    So basically I have a raspberry pi which I use as my daily driver and an OUYA that I use once in a while to tinker with and play some NES Roms. The wifi performance is too poor on the OUYA to make it my main media player. I've been seeing an influx of a bunch of new Android boxes and wanted to...
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    Raspberry Pi model B+

    Just an FYI that there is a new Raspberry Pi model that was just released. I think the best change IMO is the microSD card slot. No more bulky SD card sticking out the end. This will prevent the slots from being...
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    XBMCHUB Playback Engine

    Ever since upgrading to Gotham, upon every boot I get the pop-up stating that this XBMCHUB Playback engine is incompatible due to unmet dependencies. I have found out that this is also the script.module.playbackengine. I click on yes to disable but it does not seem to keep it disabled because...
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    Video playback settings on pi?

    Just curious what everyone's video playback settings are on your pi's?? Specifically, "Adjust display rate to match video" and "Sync playback to display". I'm confused as what these settings should be set at.
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    Change DNS in OpenElec

    I have a question regarding changing the DNS within OpenElec. I've been reading some information about Conman taking care of the DNS settings for OE. If I were to change it to within OE netowrk settings, will it keep the new DNS settings? I've heard different answers on this. I have...
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    Has this happened to you? - warped SD card

    So I had a couple pi's that stopped working recently and so I thought initially that the SD cards became corrupt. After formatting and loading a new image onto the cards, the pi's still wouldn't boot. I grabbed a brand new SD card, programmed it and it worked on both units. I took a closer...
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    A/V sync method?

    I'm wondering what most people are using for A/V sync method? There are the three options but even after doing some reading, I'm unsure which mode to choose (if any). Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Replica sports jerseys

    I'm looking to buy a good quality replica sports jersey. Does anyone have any good sites that they can recommend which sell good quality replica jerseys for good prices?? Thanks!
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    OpenElec 3.2 released

    Awesome news!! Just loaded it up and gonna do some testing. Feel free to report your experiences...
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    Add favorites as short-cuts

    Quick question, is there an easy way in Confluence on Frodo to add a XBMC favorite to my shortcut list on the bottom of the screen?? I can't figure it out.
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    atv 2 won't boot please help

    I was over at my buddy's place and he asked if I could update XBMC for him. Long story short I was the one who jailbroke it a couple years back for him and so when I went to NitoTV to update Nito, the unit went into a boot loop. Now after using ireb to get it out of the boot loop all it does...
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    USB stick recommendations

    I am thinking about moving my SD card install of OE over to a USB 3.0 stick to test out the speed and performance increase that I hear about. My question is, which USB 3.0 stick should I use? I see people have great results with the Transcend Jetflash(?) 700 stick. Are there others that are...
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    Audio Output??

    Just had a quick question regarding XBMC on the pi and Audio Output settings. I am using OpenElec 3.1 on my pi with the HDMI cable going into my receiver/amp. My receiver also does the video switching for all my sources. My receiver is also DTS and Dolby Digital compatible. Now my question...
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    pi issues just recently

    I've had my pi and my setup for quite a while now but lately within the last month or so I'm having a couple issues. First issue is when I'm watching a stream the sound will start to cut and out and the picture starts to freeze. The movie is still cached so I know its not buffering but it...
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    OpenElec 3.0.1

    Just wondering if anyone has tried it yet and what your experience has been so far? I will be loading it tonight and will report back. Discuss.....
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    Overclock question

    Does increasing core_freq make a big impact in performance on the pi? I am currently using the default OC settings based on Tuxen's image and have played around with increasing arm_freq and I notice a little bit of an improvement but nothing major (went up to 900). Just curious if increasing...
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    Remote mapping question

    Just wondering if someone could give me some guidance on how to map a certain key in the remote.xml file? I setup a pi at a friends place last night and his Toshiba remote works but there is no context menu. I would like to use his "eject" button as the context menu button. I am not too...