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    I wonder if they realize that this contest is flooding their forums :/
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    Hope everyone is having a great day.
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    Hi everyone! Just dropping by to say hello.
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    Bug URLResolver and Real-Debrid authorisation

    I am having the same problem, except it is popping up that Real-Debrid is authorized. When I go into Ex**us, though, the sources pull up but none of them will play. The same sources will play when I do it through my phone (though when I play on my phone, it asks me directly to authorize my...
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    Kodi on Apple TV 4

    Hi all, While I know that Kodi on Apple TV 4 (non-jailbroken) is not supported currently, I decided to put it on anyway. My question is in regard to the developer's account. I know that the free account is valid for 7 days before I have to re-sideload Kodi to continue using it. If I choose...