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  1. J

    Need help debugging logs

    Its just a script error try using a different add-on to Watch The show. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. J

    I am a newbie and I'm frustrated

    Never use the preloaded kodi, its always crap and just used to sell boxes. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  3. J

    Real-Debrid + North-America = Don't bother

    I'm in Barbados and I had a free sub for about 10 days or so and all the RD links that populated first worked flawlessly and were in HD. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  4. J

    G-box Q and kodi

    I'll try it and see how it goes.
  5. J

    G-box Q and kodi

    Damn and thanks for sharing that. I have no problems using the 13.2 custom edition it's just those new addons...
  6. J

    G-box Q and kodi

    No i didn't but I thought of that and tried to afterwards but it kept saying error when I tried to update it.
  7. J

    G-box Q and kodi

    I don't even get to play videos, whenever I load kodi the screen is always black no matter what until I Unplug/replug the HDMI cable.
  8. J

    G-box Q and kodi

    It's kodi that's giving me the black screen. Whenever it loads up the screen is just blank but if I press buttons I can hear the system sounds. If I plug out the HDMI and plug it back in the images appear but if I exit kodi the screen goes black again and I have to unplug/replug for the screen...
  9. J

    G-box Q and kodi

    I bump in hopes of some help.
  10. J

    G-box Q and kodi

    Hi i have a new g-box q and i'm experiencing a strange problem. I downloaded the latest arm version of kodi (14.2) and installed. When i first started it i saw the first time message but after that the screen is completely black. If i press buttons i can hear system sounds in the background but...
  11. J

    Starting Kodi Search Error No Results

    Yes and boom its gone.
  12. J

    AFTV and Kodi- Your opinion

    Fire TV runs kodi perfectly.
  13. J

    Keeps crashing.

    Disabling the live TV seemed to have fixed it. I'll do some more testing and see. Many thanks for your reply, I've been following the pre rooted firmware thread but I'm not ready to make such a leap. I'm rooted on an early firmware with play store and such.
  14. J

    Keeps crashing.

    I bump this thread because it's happening again. Every time I'm watching a movie about 30 seconds in it just closes, not xbmc but the movie just crashes taking me back to the xbmc home screen.
  15. J

    Keeps crashing.

    Hi thanks for the reply, i unticked the mediacodec and it seems to have solved my problem. If it persists i'll try those other options you mentioned.
  16. J

    Keeps crashing.

    I see there are numerous threads of persons xbmc crashing but the reason i created this thread is because i have some questions as well. I recently did the zero cache because i'm on a slower connection and watching stuff was nearly impossible for me because it would just buffer and it would not...
  17. J

    it has been two weeks now and still no resolve about to give up!

    Why are you using frodo and not gotham?
  18. J

    Request Is rooting AFTV really required

    If you only use for xbmc you could keep it not rooted. When rooted though you can mount usb drives for one and other stuff. Do some googling for a better idea. I have mine rooted with the updates blocked and I'm glad I did.
  19. J

    Do you have Android TV yet?

    I use a fire tv, rooted with Gotham 13.2 and it works like a charm.
  20. J


    I agree get a fire tv, nothing beats the price for performance. I have xbmc on mine and it not rooted and works great.