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    DOWNLOADING A STREAM- What Prevents Some Streams from Being Downloaded?

    Though we Stream most of our content, if we wish to take a "popcorn break" and PAUSE the Stream for more than a few (2-5) minutes, we are kicked out of the Stream and then must find the place we left off, and even using RD can cause some Buffering issues until it catches up. So some questions...
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    Request Jason Diggz. Xenon 7.3.6

    I've recently been having a "Flying" Window appear while watching streaming content on XENON that is advertising upcoming or older episodes of various content that I have listed in my Favorites. It Fly's IN...stays for a few seconds, then Fly's OUT....... This is a new feature and would like...
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    IP VANISH - MIA From latest Review - Real Debrid Conflicts?

    I had only done a 90 day contract with IP VANISH to test them out as this was my first use of a VPN. It will need to be renewed soon and I just read Eleazar's comprehensive 3/4/18 Survey of VPN Providers and was surprised to see IP VANISH was conspicuously missing from it. Though I would have...
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    Debrid & Add Ons.... Which Combination Provide the Best Results?

    Using Debrid provides the quality, however each Add On I have authorized with Debrid does not always offer the same quantity of streams. For example, One Add On may show 3 Debrid choices, while another gives a full page 12 or more. Does this depend on the Add On, or is it the content...
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    Priority --- Does it really matter?

    Some have suggested when setting up RD that the Priority Number which is defaulted to "100" be changed to "90".... Is this an advantage and if so why?