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    Request Update

    Ok thanks for the info
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    Request Update

    just got aftv and installed kodi 14.2 if Amazon ask to update will it wipe out kodi to where you have to side load again
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    help on helix and atv flash back

    Tried to install helix 14.0 been running 13.2 with no trouble when installed click on the xbmc would just flash and not open up did this using ssh and tried into installer neither worked so downgraded back to 13.2 never really had trouble until I installed a TV flash black but get nothing out...
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    KODI Upgrade Help - 13.2 to 14.2?

    I hated the 14.2 had lots of issues on atv2 went back to 13.2 and haven't had any troubles since then
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    KODI and the APPLE TV

    I had lots of issues with 14.1 downgraded to gothem 13.2 and don't have any issues at all before downgrading navigate would kick you out of movies after 28 minutes of play ice films did it to any movie you tried to watch. Happy with 13.2 but still thinking of trying Amazon fire
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    ATV flash Black

    I have had nothing but trouble with atv2 since I installed flash back cannot get no video or media to install under infuse N*vi X ice films no matter what after 24-28 minutes kicks you out of movie any suggestions