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    Why does an episode from an old series stream, instead of the new series episode?

    Since my previous thread of similar subject was closed before anyone could provide a meaningful answer, here is the solution for the issue of why it's sometimes hard to get the correct episode to stream, regardless of which Kodi add-on you're using. This is often the case when there is more than...
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    Question Why does an old series ep stream instead of the right one (eg Lost In Space)?

    Just using Lost In Space as an example, no matter which streaming add-on I'm using, more often than not it will end up streaming an episode of the original Lost In Space series from the 1960s instead of the new 2018 series. I use Trakt so I know it's not a search issue on my part, because the...
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    Any other Aussies having TenPlay issues?

    TenPlay from Aussie Add-Ons just throws up "tenplay error - check the log..." over the last few weeks for me. There's nothing in the Kodi log about it, so I'm not actually sure which log it means. The other Aussie Add-Ons (7Plus, Nine) seem to work OK. Any ideas? Cheers!