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    FTV Not Recognizing USB Flash Drive

    Since Amazon opened up the USB port I have tried attaching several different drives that having been sitting around on my desk but none seem to be recognized by my FTV. I have reformatted each drive as Fat32 and my FTV is not rooted and updated to Anyone actually got...
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    How to Transfer Files to and From your Amazon Fire TV (AFTV)

    After having difficulty trying to SSH into my AFTV and then getting some valuable help from users here, I wrote the following mini guide to help others that may want to know how set up a simple FTP session into their AFTV. While much of the information came from various sources and my trial and...
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    Cannot SSH Into my FireTV

    Today I tried to SSH into my FTV box using Cyberduck to clean up some files and I keep getting connection failed. I am using my FTV box IP, port 22, userid=root, and password=abc123. adbFire works fine. Does this make any sense or can anyone see an error I made in trying to log in?
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    Harmony Hub Remote and Fire TV

    I just wanted to let the Fire TV users community know that today I set up my new Harmony Hub remote to control my Fire TV. It works fine with all the AFTV remote functions working other than it does not support voice search. While there may be other less expensive options, I do like Harmony...
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    Change Confluence Start to Videos Menu?

    Presently I am running Kodi 14.1 on a Fire TV platform using the Confluence skin. When Kodi boots up it goes to the home screen and the Programs Menu is highlighted as displays my Programs short cuts. I have tried changing some setting in appearance with no luck. For example I found one...
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    Better NetFlix App?

    While I am very satisfied with the way my AFTV works with Kodi I really don't like the way its OS displays Netflix, I guess I am old and don't handle change well :) and really do prefer my old Apple TV Netflix interface. - Does anyone know if there are any other android Netflix apps which are a...
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    AFTV Navigation Sounds Soft or Quiet

    Is it just me or has anyone else experienced that the AFTV navigation sounds are very quiet and not really configurable (only on or off) as compared to KODI itself?