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    Amazon Fire TV?

    once XBMC is installed. is it possible to use a program like winscp to connect and manually add addons if required or add files. tks
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    Want to build HTPC

    Hi. I am thinking of building a HTPC as i think it would be a lot quicker than the ATV2 i have at present & a Raspberry Pi. Only trouble i have is what OS to run. On ATV2 i can make changes to files ie for the Home page and add extra buttons , also change files if need be. However on the...
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    XBMC on Raspberry pi controlled by Apple silver controller

    I would like to know if anyone has successfully got an Apple ATV 2 silver remote to work with a Raspberry Pi running XBMC. (raspxbmc,openelec or other). I know you can connect a receiver to the GPIO connectors but have not seen anyone who has had full success. ie the Holding of the Menu button...
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    Repo enabled

    I think there was an issue with Repos that are using Github. The Url structure inside the repo has to be changed slightly to point to the correct location. I asked the question and have found this If you want to ssh into your...
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    Git Hub problems

    you are correct Rodrigo, there are lots of topics. (as i did say originally that i found) I found some topics that say to change url for github (assume this is for the dev to do in their repo) and i also found some topics that say even if you did this locally , it would probably not fix the...
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    Git Hub problems

    Hi All. I know there are issues with Repo's not showing with regards to Github and the url changes but is there any where on the forum to give updates. I have searched and can find info about the problems , but not any that say if the problem has been resolved, or if anyone using github has...
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    How I Built the Media Center of My Dreams for Under $500

    one quick question. If running XBMC on a windows OS machine, what about security from outside sources over the network. Would it be possible for someone to hack into this Windows machine. Would you set up a firewall and Antivirus etc
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    Help with Addon Settings using Android

    I have ATV2 which does allow me to scroll right, I also have Android Tablet that does not allow me to scroll right. I am trying to find out how i can scroll the tabs on my Android Tablet. thanks
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    Help with Addon Settings using Android

    Could anyone pls advise how to move around in settings for any/all addons. ie Using ATV2 with 1Ch**nel there are 4 tabs displayed and if you click right on the remote the tabs scroll right. But using Android i see the 4 tabs but cannot get it to scoll right. I have tried swiping, clicking the...
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    REGEX Help PLEASE !!!!

    just checked and <h3>((?!.+\.RAR).+?)</h3>\s?<p><code>(.+?)</code></p> does work , however on of the links is like this says its MKV but the link is rar
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    REGEX Help PLEASE !!!!

    did you find a solution I know you said you did not want separated (not sure why not) but, the below code will work even if some things change <h3>([\w\d\s]+) \| ([\w\d\s\.]+) \| (?!RAR)[\w\d\s\.]+ \| ([\w\d\s\.\&\#;]+)</h3><p><code>(.+?)</code></p>
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    REGEX Help PLEASE !!!!

    yeh, try this. <h3>([\w\d\s]+) \| ([\w\d\s\.]+) \| (?!RAR)[\w\d\s\.]+ \| Lang – (.+?)</h3><p><code>(.+?)</code></p>
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    REGEX Help PLEASE !!!!

    just tried in RegexBuddy and it does not select Rar's , only the other formats. do you have a sample code to test. also what are you testing in
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    REGEX Help PLEASE !!!!

    try this <h3>(?!.*RAR).+</h3>\s+<p><code>(.+?)</code> you forgot its on a new line
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    just a few questions if anyone knows. 1. does it come with any operating system. 2. If not is it easy to install and what can be installed 3. How can you load XBMC (depending on Op System) 4. devs have obviously been working on XBMC running on Ouya. what Op system are they using. or are they...
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    Jynxbox Android HD

    would like to buy one of these in the uk but cannot find a reseller. does anyone know of a reseller in uk. tks
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    Cyberlocker resolver

    Hey Vinnydude. I see your trying to split by , but maybe there is only one link and no coma's to split. could be whats causing IndexError: list index out of range. just a guess.! whats the link so i can check website.
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    ATV 2 rebooting

    dont try to update now. Apple stopped signing 5.1 and new firmware out.
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    Apple Tv 2 Problems (rebooting needlessly)

    I think it is to do with the XBMC doing its updates. Some repo's have gone or moved and when checking for updates, it crashes xbmc. You can either go thru your repo's and see if you can browse or(ATV2 left click) when in Addon setting page and turn off auto updates. Not the best option, but...
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    is something up with xbmc?

    me too. I think its a problem with repo's trying to update etc and is crashing XBMC I have ATV2 and Rasberry Pi running Openelec, and both crash. Some repo's i can browse, others just spin the wheel then XBMC crashes.