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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Yes, they are one of the ones breaking your system. They have a file called in their repository thats only function is to remove Indigo. They have the Indigo file path encoded with base64 to try to hide what they are doing. Its very simple to decode base64, so I dont know why they...
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Try Indigo now and see if the new update helps with this and let us know.
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    Question uninstall tvaddons from htpc

    two things: 1- try this path for kodi from the windows app store: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\LocalCache\Roaming\KodI 2- if you have tvaddons installed, I assume you mean indigo?, then open indigo and do a factory restore. When it asks you if you want to keep...
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    Question I'm currently having problems streaming i have a vpn i have the latest version as well.

    With Indigo, the lists of addons is still down. Addon Installer cant work without it. still waiting on the api updates to be finished. For github browser, I would have to see your log to try and figure out why its not working
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    Git Browser error. See the log for more information.

    I sent the error that showed in your log to the dev that maintains it. watch for a fix in the next update (dont know when that will be though)
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    Git Browser error. See the log for more information.

    Someone should be looking into it. Just hang in there :)
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    OH, I found it in the repo. Thats an addon done by a dev called LittleWiz I'm still not familiar with it or its code though. Maybe @LittleWiz will see this and comment? If not, maybe ask in this thread:
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    I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that addon ( or its code. You would have to get in touch with the dev that maintains it.
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    The "code" is the address to where a copy of your log has been uploaded to. Thats to try and keep huge logs from being posted here in the forum and still make it so others can read it to try to help you
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    help with Addons

    Dont try downloading any vids (your probably not) on a firestick. it doesnt have enough memory. Try to keep the number of addons you install to only what you use to save space. As @RavRob said, in the Maintenance Tools section of Indigo you can see how much memory the cache, thumbnails, and...
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    Git Browser check log

    I did and it looks like its trying to close a file that is empty, None, or was never opened/read. ""AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'close'"" It might be happening because it cant read a file for some reason or maybe a windows permissions issue with reading a file. I dont have an...
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    Indigo - Featured Addons - Error

    The addon installer portion of indigo isnt working at the moment. They are working on the addon library and have taken it down until they are finished. Thats whats causing the error. The rest of indigo is working as is The Git Browser. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm hoping its back up soon
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    Indigo error message

    The error you are getting now is because they are working on the addon library and have taken the site down. I'm not sure how long its going to take, but the addon installer portion of indgio should work again when they are done
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    Indigo error help

    The problem is not with Indigo. From what I understand they are working on the addon library and the site is down for now
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    Git Browser check log

    @RavRob it looks like posting the log link. at least for pastebin. isnt working. they have to break it by changing the t's in http to x's or something
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    Kodi Download: No Stream

    @Hammerhead, since you asked, Reporting an issue to the kodi people requires jumping through hoops. The first thing you need to do is find an official addon that has the same function and that also fails the same way. Make sure it fails on more than one device (preferably on a Windows or Linux...
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    marked as "watched" function not working !

    ok I just tried it manually with the youtube addon and it marked it as watched. So it is working. the issue might be with the addons and not having the proper info format for the shows your wanting marked It also marked it as watched (auto) after watching a video kodi and the db it uses must be...
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    marked as "watched" function not working !

    Ok, thanks. I dont know why its not working either. I'm just trying to figure out whats working and not working at the moment in hopes of finding out whats going on. Using the "watched" for what all you have seen might not have been your intent, but thats what it does. Or did anyway. The...
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    marked as "watched" function not working !

    @capslock, Are your older watched items marked as watched? Is it that if you watch something it doesnt get automaticially marked? Can you mark new items manually? if you try to mark it manually, does it remember it?
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    marked as "watched" function not working !

    Good point RR. I have noticed it with my trakt also. I watch something and it doesnt get marked as watched. My other watched stuff is marked but not anything newly watched I have to manually tell it to "mark as watched in trakt". its like kodi is not marking it and trakt isnt getting told that...