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    Can No Longer Add KODI to Apple TV?

    Just going off the top of my head here as I dont have an ATV2 on me right now but have you tried to manually download the deb file to the ATV2 directly and run the install. Instructions under section 4 here. I use to do this with nighly...
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    Has anyone got a Minix NEO z64??

    I have the z64w. Great unit. Runs perfect, had no problems streaming any of my video over the wifi. It comes with Win 8.1 w Bing installed. Which is like Win 8.1 home. Missing features such as allowing remote desktop. However I was able to upgrade to 8.1 pro. Drivers were provided in the...
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    Let's talk cable cutting strategies!

    The only problem I have with USTVNow is that during major live events (award shows, major sport events) it buffers like crazy. It is very unreliable like that and can drive you mad. I only wanted it for that and it has let me down numourous times. For live sports I only care about basketball...
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    Live TV & Guide Addon(s)

    I don't know of any with all of those features. They are some advanced features though. However you may want to look at FTV Guide which is based off of TV Guide in the Kodi repository. When playing with it, it was a very easy setup to get a TV guide quickly. Also check out PseudoTV Live. It...
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    ustvnow plugin shuts down

    Aren't the free accounts suppose to expire after 45 days or so? I know you said its been working for 8 months though. Maybe you just got lucky. When mine expired that is what it was doing.
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    USTVNOW - Troubleshooting / Channels not loading

    Had issues as well. Think it was the servers though. They went away eventually and it started working again.
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    Satellite TV with guide

    Actually it may be a lot easier than you think. Using the PseudoTV Live addon for XBMC (can find it in the forum) you can create your on interactive guide by adding the streams to the channels. Then you can tie in the tv guide information to include the show information by downloading the...
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    Using ATV2 Kodi / XMBC with PC/Laptop

    What you have to do is SSH into the box (which is kind of like a ftp) using a program like WinSCP. Once you connect you can upload your zip file and then install it via the GUI. What I do for my ATV2's is add a file share on my server as a source (go to settings and under it you will see file...