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    Indigo speed test very inaccurate

    Used to really like the Indigo speed test, but I have to think it's very unreliable now. Here's comparable results for my PC which is hard wired to my router. Clockwise, from upper left corner, these are from RCN, Indigo, Ookla and the God of War Wizard.
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    Krypton 17 for Windows 10, not 7?

    Attempted to install 17 into my W7 Ultimate SP 1 64bit rig. It would not initiate, even after a PC reboot. Upon restoring my PC to a few days ago, instead of displaying as Kodi 16, it clearly had the new skin, but the settings option was not available on the home page and I could not change...
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    Access to the Hardware archived threads

    Hoping this information wasn't lost. Can we not have access to the Hardware threads? Good information in there.
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    How can I get a faster load of movie posters/thumbnails?

    I have my RPi2 hard-wired. We have 155/20 internet speeds. However, no matter what the add-on, it seems slow to load movie marquees/posters/thumbnails. We can navigate around just fine. It also doesn't seem to matter if they've loaded before. I'm assuming I need to do some type of better...
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    Request One America News Network (OAN) * Stream or YouTube Channel

    Requesting either a livestream for OAN (might be tough to find one that holds past the preview time) or from their YouTube channel ( Thanks.
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    PlayOn 4.0

    PlayOn subscribers should have received notice of the new PlayOn upgrade this week. As an older subscriber (if you've had PlayOn for a few years now) you still have to create a new account, though your old subscription (lifetime) number will work (make sure you have that saved somewhere else)...
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    USTVnow changing service (e-mail notification)

    Did anyone else get this today? E-mail received saying USTVnow was ending and that they are now in partnership with UseMyTV (and a .com website). Promoting a 9.99/mth fee for a few days and then it bumps up to 29.99? It's curious because some of the links in the e-mail don't work...
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    java64 ??

    What exactly is java64? It is in the programs add-ons section, but has no description and I couldn't find it anywhere else on this site.
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    Computer (Windows) Completely Freezing with KODI/TVMC

    Have been using XBMC/KODI for quite some time now with little to no problems. However, as of today, initializing any version of KODI 15 causes a total lock-up of my PC (Windows 7 64bit). I cannot access the task's completely frozen necessitating a hard shut down/re-start. Upon...
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    Windows 10 and KODI sticky thread needed perhaps?

    In case people are having trouble after the "upgrade".
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    Backup file getting larger and larger

    Not the end of the world, but each backup file is getting larger. I only keep the latest backup file, which is currently 1.2 GB. I'm assuming it's all of the thumbnails adding up as new material comes out? I don't really have a glut of add-ons (and do not store videos/pics on my flash drive as...
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    Restarting and adding back an existing OPENELEC (KODI) configuration

    When I initially set up my Pi 2, I didn't realize that when I tried to swap out my OS I would end up installing two. I only have an 8 GB card and can't buy a new one presently. Currently I have Raspbian and OE installed and have no use for Raspbian. I think I'll be able to reformat my card...
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    Combo kit deal?

    I really don't wanna monkey around with buying components from all over the place, so was wondering what you guys thought about this as a starter kit. I'm not a fan of the clear cases, so this one would look fine on our entertainment center. The only think I would need to buy separately would...
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    Banned Add-Ons??

    Was posting something over at the KODI forums and when I mentioned Genesis, amongst others, in my posting, some guy mentioned something about not bringing up banned add-ons. What does that mean?
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    This model do the trick??
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    OUYA 8 GB -- Good enough for XBMC?

    Hi guys.... I've been waiting for an OUYA to pop up around my area for sale and I think I can get a used one, under 2 yrs old, for $50. Problem is I'm unfamiliar with the item working with XBMC and wonder does the 8 GB pose a problem? I wouldn't think so, but want to know. Will there be...
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    (error) - please delete

    posted in wrong thread and unsure of how to delete.... mod, please delete...thank you.