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    In the market for another Set Top Box?

    I also love my MiBox. If 1 USB port is a deal breaker, I think you can plug in a USB hub for additional ports.
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    Will Vevo ever come back?

    also check out YouMusic. Amazing add-on for music videos.
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    Amazing add-on!!! Huge thanks for developing this! This will get a lot of use in my house.
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    Firestick updated and fresh started kodi

    As stated above there is a clone called Firestopper. I am sure it won't be long before this version is banned as well by Amazon. From what I read all they have to do is add the new app name to their "blacklist" Do yourself a favour and take 5 mins and read/watch a tutorial on how to install...
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    Kodi logo gone?

    My assumption is that there was an update to IkonoTV which reverted the icon back to the original. I've read that with the new fire OS 5, any sideloaded apps will display in the apps (or recent, can't remember) sections. Hopefully we won't need Ikono any longer.
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    KODI Addons V-2.0.6

    All I can tell you is to Google the name of the repository. There will be LOTS of info to help you out. Unfortunately I don't think discussing this repo is allowed here. I could be wrong but just google it and follow the steps.
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    What happened to Showgun?

    hopefully him and Umouch (sp?) are hanging out on a beach somewhere.. :)
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    Request Slow buffering

    Check for things around that pi that could be causing interference with the wifi signal. Is there a cordless phone/base, baby monitor etc around that device? Is there a wireless device (mouse/keyboard) plugged into that pi??
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    Request Slow buffering

    hardwired or using a wifi adapter? All 3 on the same ISP? If on wifi, try hardwiring it or using a powerline adapter.
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    HDMI Blinking- losing signal for a sec?

    My friend is having this same problem with his rpi 1. Haven't figured it out yet. We've changed power supplies, added the HDMI safe mode code into the config file, tried the HDMI boost setting in config file and no luck yet. I plugged in my Android box into his TV and it did not...
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    OpenElec - Sound problems

    I've never heard of this issue but yes make sure you're using a good power supply as mentioned above. Also, try updating OE. I think the latest version is 5.0.6.
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    Raspi 1 Assistance with streaming

    I'd also check your power supply and I'd recommend something with at LEAST 1amp. Also, I would personally recommend using Raspbmc (OSMC) for the 256MB pi. I don't know why, but I haven't been able to get any recent releases of OE to work properly on a 256mb pi. I use OE on all my 512mb pi's...
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    Bunch of plugins for last week or so dont work.

    hopefully the network went away for good which in turn broke the add-on. :D One could only wish.....
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    is s video 720?

    as per wikipedia, S-Video is typically 480i or 576i
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    Disable TVAddons Notifications

    Turn off RSS feed in the Appearance settings menu...
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    Kodi not as useful as it was ?

    I'd have to disagree. I've been using XBMC for about 4-5 years and it is the best it has ever been. Sure some add-ons and sources come and go but we have more working add-ons and sources today than we ever have. Genesis, SA*TS, 1Ch**nel/Pri**wire, Ic*f*lms, moviestorm, youtubeonfire, N*vi X...
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    Fire tv stick constantly crashes, returns to home screen

    still post a log of the crash. Both logs can't be the same since one TV plays perfectly and the other crashes. Post a log from when it crashes.
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    Fire tv stick constantly crashes, returns to home screen

    sorry I'm at a loss. Best to post a log for some of the experts here to look at.
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    Fire tv stick constantly crashes, returns to home screen

    Make sure Playstation is off and not broadcasting wifi and make sure if your soundbar has BT that it is also turned off.
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    Fire tv stick constantly crashes, returns to home screen

    It sounds like the culprit could be the power source. Could you use an extension cord and try a different outlet? Sounds silly but may be worth a try... Does your Sharp TV have built in wifi? Is it enabled? Maybe the signal from the TV is interferring with the wifi signal from the stick.