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    Need a bit of help for Kodi service to share bookmarks among many Kodi devices

    Hi, I'm trying to write a Kodi service that will scan all the bookmarks.db from a kodi device and store all their contents into a common structure, the goal is to make a super bookmarks.db and store it on a shared local drive So all my kodi device will have access to it. Eventually it mean...
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    Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

    Happy Holidays to everyone, enjoy this time to have nice moments with your family and friends !!! And do not abuse with kodi lol!!!
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    Need assistance and suggestions to create a Cloud based addon

    Hi, I'm looking to create a good addon which reply on FTP and or Cloud based I believe no one have done an addon like this before, I mean the usage I planned to do with it. I need a bit of suggestions to see how I can implements this... What I know it will run as a service in Kodi Further...
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    How to control Kodi with your voice with a Google Home Mini speaker

    Hi, I have written with OpenOffice a documents that will explain to all of you, on how to use a Google Home Mini speaker so you can tell with your voice commands that you want kodi to do Here is the link: thanks DevPythonPro
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    Need a bit of input from you

    Hi, My game is a mix of sudoku and battleship I have a situation that i have to exposed to you ,and I'm not sure on how to deal with it ... I have a boat of dimension 5 but only 3 free cells exposed it and 2 cover it up, This mean that you have to resolve 3 cell to sink it, that non sense...
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    THE Battle Sudoku game quick peek

    Hi, Comments or suggestions are welcome! For now I have reached 1/3 of the whole program Here is the main concept: - You will place your boats -You will choose the Sudoku opponents level ie easy, medium, hard, very ... it is the same for your opponents - you will have a certain amount of...
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    Working on a game addon

    Hi The following is to let you know that I'm a Dev and from now on I will focus on legal addon development only I'm currently working on a game addon Thanks DevPythonPro