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    Tvaddons Hub Wizard Background

    I am a great fan of TV Addons but I think the latest skin is not as nice as previous backgrounds. Any chance of changing it. My box doesn't seem to hold any new backgrounds I download.
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    recording films from Genesis onto a pen drive

    The only way is to go back to the previous Genesis version which has the download facility. You will also need to go to confluence and change the settings to notify updates and do updates regularly for other apps but don't update Genesis
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    Can I update my android box with kodi?

    You can download the latest Kodi version in the Google play store. Make sure it works and you can then delete Gotham in your apps. You can do this by going to settings and then apps
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    Icon Issues

    Go to System then settings. Go into Appearance and go to settings and go down to Add-on Shortcuts. You can add them back again and they should stay
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    need help be honest is it wort to buy this box mx2 midnight ?

    I have an MX2 and it works so well, no issues and no problems. I tried an M8 and just couldn't get on with it. It did strange things. Often when turning off I would carefully come out of all of the programmes and after a minute or 2 it would eventually turn off. Several hours later it somehow...
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    help for a total newbie

    Put your SD card in the mx2 box slot. When you start up you should see Appinstaller. Click on that and then click on external Storage Card. It should then install from the SD card and work again
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    BBC Iplayer

    I would like to add bbc iplayer to my Matricon MX2 and wondered if there was a repo for this
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    G Box midnight VPN

    I don't think you can do it. Search on the hub site for using proxy's that worked for me
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    xbmc clock issues

    If you mean the time shown on the screen is incorrect you can amend this by going into android settings. You can't adjust it in the xbmc programmes
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    might night mx2

    I am fairly new to this myself but have had the same problem. If you go to the Matricom MX2 website it has instructions and new software. Load the software on an sd card. Have the mx2 connected to the tv and get a matchstick and push it through the av hole and it will click and reset the box...
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    I give up!

    Set up a proxy just for yourself. There are step by step instruction on this site. Have set my own up and it wasn't too difficult and haven't had a problem since
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    Is a VPN Router the amswer

    I have a Matricom MX2 Gbox and as a UK user finding less and less works. I have used a proxy up until now but that has also stopped. I think you can get a vpn router with vpn already installed. Is this the best solution and if so who would be the best to go to. Privateinternetaccess as shown on...
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    Whats the best system for XBMC

    Yes I have used this fix but most of the time it says that "no stream is available" when choosing a film. I have assumed that it is because the proxy is busy. Is there another box that is a bit more flexible where you can alter settings to take a new DNS or a VPN that will work.
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    Whats the best system for XBMC

    I have been using a Matricom gbox for a while and it has worked well. Now we can't use some sites it is nowhere as good. I have tried the proxy as advertised but that won't work on this box. I have used the proxy quick fix and it works sometimes. Most times it won't access the film What is the...
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    Purchased "" account to use with ATV2 - now NO connection

    Yes I purchased a month to try it out on a Matricom gbox. As you can only use http it won't work. If the instructions had been correct I wouldn't have wasted my money.
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    I have been looking to get an XBMC box for a while. Having now got one and found this site it looks like this will be very interesting