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    Is Kodi working?

    I had some issues earlier this week and decided to uninstall and start fresh but had many problems after multiple attempts. I'm not new to this and have been using Kodi for years but I couldn't even get the Mimic skin to install. None of the addons could meet dependencies. I've also been having...
  2. J

    Site question...CPU spike form firefox browser

    When I surf this site my CPU fan kicks high and I notice that my CPU rises 4 degrees and my firefox browser uses 15-20% CPU (I'm on windows). What is going on with this site that causes this?
  3. J

    Volume up/down/mute buttons for Kodi

    Is there any way to add volume up/down/mute buttons to the Kodi player? I miss this feature that was on XBMC much handier that having to go into gui that the current volume button sends you to.
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    UTVNOW Pluggin not working

    I've been using it for a long time (free Basic account) worked fine. Today it stopped working on my Frodo install so upgraded to Kodi and it still does not work. It works on my computer and I do have the correct password info and name. Anybody else? *EDIT* Looks like I spoke to soon...wrong...
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    XBMC crashing

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post but I couldn't find a better section for this problem. I am having occasional crashing and I'm not sure why. I have uploaded logs ...if anyone can tell me what the issue is I'd appreciate help. crashlog