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    Add-on installer not working

    I have done a fresh start on my windows 7 computer, but unfortunately having successfully downloaded fusion I am unable to install any of the apps in addon installer each time it asks me to check the log, this I am unable to do because as stated addon installer does not work. Is there another...
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    fire stick remote

    Can anyone let me know how to download a remote to fire stick, and what is the best one to download. Thank you
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    Wrong film showing

    When I select a film in any addon the film starts with the Columbia or disney start but then changes to a film about twins which is nothing to do with the film selected, ie my grand daughter wanted to watch Matilda, I selected it through the search key in Genisis movies, search, the columbia...
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    3D films

    Can anyone explain how to view 3D films so that they actually show 3D, at present all I get is two identical pictures on the screen, I am using Kodi 14.2 and the skin is confluence and have tried all the variouse programmes like side by side etc but none will give me 3D. The glasses I am...
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    Further help needed please

    I have been trying for quite a long while to get Kodi working on my MX Box, and despite a lot of help (for which I am extremely grateful) from members of this site I have been unsuccessful in getting it to work properly. Yesterday I decided to do a complete factory restart, which turned out to...
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    Kodi Slow

    On starting Kodi it takes 8/10 mins to boot up, is this normal with 14.2, because with 13. it would boot up within a minute Here is my log just incase it is needed
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    New poster

    Hi everybody, I have been looking on this site for about 6 weeks now, but my knowledge of this is very limited; I have managed following the instructions on here to download a log file but do not know which section to put it into, the file is about the message 1 or 2 of your files are missing...