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    nice youtube music addon I've found

    I come across this today Youtube Music by AddonScriptorDE I really like it, so I thought I'll share incase someone else likes it. thanks to AddonScriptorDE official thread here
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    Happy BIRTHDAY HIGHWAY99 :d :d :d

    Happiest of Happy Birthday Highway, I hope you have a great day bud! :D :D :p
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    Imagination Technologies will give its 'Raspberry Pi on steroids' away for free

    Source: by Daniel Cooper Grab someone in the street and ask them about Imagination...
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    [RELEASE] YouTube (ALPHA 15) - Work in Progress bromix

    A developer is having a go himself and doing his own version of youtube. By bromix on you can run both addons (the official and this one) side by side. I've heard this one is slightly faster. Maybe worth a try? Link and description of...
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    best hd foriegn language addon

    check out dknights HDOnline. seriously impressive, get the repo of fusion. it has indian korean chinese hong kong french and many many more even sorts in genres. Highly recommend you peeps to check it out make sure you go into addon settings and enable english translation and subtitle language
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    Integrating V8 and PyV8

    Came across this post by cruise. "From pure self-interest I've started fixing the YouTube plugin whenever something is changed on youtube's side to break it. It's basically an arms race of them constructing obscure javascript language structures...
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    Another site looks like some good quality movies. this site is so much leaner than the other one I posted. It might be good for a new Dev. onlinemovies(dot)pro
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    [Developers Appreciation Day]

    I think this is long overdue now, doesn't everyone think.. What a year everyone. Seems like a bad dream when we had those turbulent times...right. In the last 6 months we have had XBMCHUB Devs and Graphics Artists pump out addons that we only dreamed about a year ago. I would like everyone that...
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    [Trick] add two extra skips (StepForward, StepBack) HOWTO

    most have come to this question. I want to add an extra skip forward or a skip backward but the answer is always no you got 2 skips forward (30s 10m) and 3 skips back (30s 10m 7s), you can tweak these but can't add anymore. I found a nice trick to get two extra skips, can either be both forward...
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    why is the word adult censored LOL

    Why is the word adult censored. Incase your wondering its a d u l t edit: wow it actually works here haha In PM's it was censored and I was just curious the reason for such a censorship. TLDR - nothing to see carry on
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    [ADDON RELEASE] Addon to configure Raspberry Pi config.txt Leopold

    An addon created by Leopold .Unofficial Raspberry Pi configuration add-on for OpenELEC. Original thread an add-on to make it possible to change the settings in /flash/config.txt from the XBMC gui. More...
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    Having two links in one button

    I've asked this to highway but I'm really interested if this is feasable is this possible. when browsing through a list XBMC comes across a link, you can go up and down and thats it. on some links (like a name of a movie) you can add some writing. I was wondering if you can add another link...
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    [KISSANIME HD] Where can I find HD anime? anime in HD XBMC

    If your looking for anime theres only one place to be. One addon that has no rivals. Not by a long shot. MOST NEW SHOWS HAVE ANIME IN 1080P. [Video Addon] Kiss Anime You can install using fusion and...
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    Evolution of addons. My story

    So its come to this. I've been a member for over half a year. When I first came on the scene I knew of less than a handful of addons. 1Ch**nel Ic*f*lms project free tv N*vi X they where the main contenders. Chose Ic*f*lms for HD and the rest for SD but more content. and N*vi X, when it...
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    [ADDON REQUEST] fdmovie big international selection

    come across this site alot of the links are in hd qulality has one of the biggest selection according to countrys that I've seen might make a good addon what do you think?
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    Goodbye and Thankyou umOuch

    I found out just now that the founder of XBMCHUB umOuch has left. Still in shock. In terms of giving the most help and time to any member of the community their is no dispute that it was you umOuch. I actually feel a loss because I seriously didn't see a time that umOuch woudn't be part of the...
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    Intel have surpassed ARM for mobile SOC

    A review of Iphone 5s an arm based SOC @ 64bit architecure. Basically blows everything else including the new snapdragon 800 proccessor. But look @ Intels Bay Trail Atom Z3740. It comes first on every benchmark. Has Intel actually...
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    [xbmchub addon][request]]

    Is this concept viable? XBMCHUB THIRD PARTY ADDONS An addon to find and install addons. A centralised and structured database that can be updated and added to. If it can be brought into fruition is any Developer willing to take on the project?
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    [XBMCHUB THIRD PARTY ADDONS] every have a look at this please

    INSTALLING ADDONS BY USING AN ADDON: READ ON First thing I do after a fresh install is install Fusion. Add almost all repos from video section then install the amazing addons. When I first encountered XBMC the process of knowing what a repo was then installing it and then finding out what...
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    [Raspberry Pi in Mineral Oil]

    By Thomas Loughlin I have always been interested in shoving electronics into mineral oil. How can you not be after seeing the computer (and Pi) aquariums function so well? Ali was on board with the plan but didn’t want to deal with...