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    2nd Ben Firestick works via original KG TV remote

    just posting this in case other people are interested. I plugged my Firestick into the LG (60LA8600) TV's HDMI and it linked up automatically to the TV's remote. Fortunately, the LG remote has all the necessary media keys (eg - play, stop, et cetera). Sooo happy as I only need the one remote to...
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    VPN...Are they Really needed?

    So happy that net neutrality has not been introduced here, and hope that they never will. It would contravene our anticompetitive laws as it stands at the moment, so they would have to do some very contraversial changes to our laws to even have a hope to do it But still, use several security...
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    Hello, new here. Just came across this addon and are going to give it a go.
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    Hello one and all

    Just got an Amazon Fire TV box and have loaded Kodi onto it. While looking for apps to put on, I found this site which is much more than just a site for the app, all sorts of helpful stuff plus a forum to ask questions when I inevitably mess up. ;) Thanks.