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    new build, need to find Golf Channel

    Thanks, i will have a look. But if you could be a bit more specific it'd help. It's a bit like saying it's on the internet as the Kodi repo doesn't show individual channels.
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    new build, need to find Golf Channel

    Howdy, having done a new build on my device i've lost access to the Golf Channel. I know it still exists as i can watch it thru Kodi on my laptop. I was in MIC (gone) i saved it as a favourite so i guess the path is stored in my faves. Does anyone know where i will find it now? Thanks in Advance
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    macbook 10.10 installing skins crashes, kills kodi

    Howdy, i'd had a few issues with Kodi so i did a fresh start. Kodi loads no issue. If i try install any addons it just freezes & kills KOdi. I have app zapped all logs & files and have clean installed Kodi several times. Any help is appreciated. Would be nice to fix this.
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    Decent Android Box Hardware

    go get your self a MINIX plenty of different models to suit budget
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    As Seen On TV AUS

    i'll try running my VPN as an American client...... no good . I'm running version 1.0.4 I am only able to get the ABC News and a few community stations to work. Seems a bit odd.
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    As Seen On TV AUS

    Ok so i found the As Seen on TV Aussie edition. Was surprised to see such a line up, but am disappointed that none of the Ch7 & Ch9 feeds work. Has anyone else experience this ? Is this Geo Blocked from Aussies watching?
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    Gidday all Aussies!!

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    I wonder if i can breath new light on the Slingbox regarding this topic. It appears to be what i want but am unable to configure it as listed in the description and make it work. Anyone else who either has the ability to make it work or can see why it doesn't work, please feel free to chime in...
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    Unbroken Iphone Installation

    Howdy guys i have tried to follow the instructions to install Kodi on my iPhone 6 without Jailbreaking it. I am getting a few errors regarding the installation. Such as "creating a profile requires having a device registered in the Member Centre " Can someone please offer some tips . Or a...
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    Gidday all Aussies!! This fucker is trying to ruin the fun for everyone. I think the so called journalist needs his account slammed from all around the world.
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    intel NUS issues & questions

    intel NUC issues & questions A long time XBMC user here who has half a clue but previously have only used ATV2 so the question is can i upgrade from 12.2 to gotham from inside XBMC in any form? is there a way to download the file and install it with hub wizard etc or do i have to do it...
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    Not Working the way it Should ... i think well put together & helped me fix my issues.
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    Not Working the way it Should ... i think

    Ok i got hubwizard going and even fixed the 1Ch**nel repos. As for Liquid Mercury's answer. I could not get any logs as i did not have access to the hubwizard. As the pathways were not flowing as many instructions were telling me to follow.
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    Not Working the way it Should ... i think

    Ok i am trying to get things working on my XBMC. After recent upheavals of N*viX crashes & Icefilm crashes & script errors i have been searching and doing a lot of trying to figure things out. I have gone to the extreme measure of deleting XBMC & re-installing it. I have had errors and wanted...