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    Streams die

    The dev dosent have crystal ball, so I would suggest posting a log and reproduce the error, then post the issue in that devs area
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    help with external player

    why not use f4mtester for .ts files? you can install that from shanis repo, than use the link like so for m3u8 or xml....sometimes just changing the extension from .ts to m3u8 works.. #EXTINF:-1, [COLOR blue]TEST[/COLOR] plugin:// link...
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    Searches no longer offer link to post

    Just want to shout out to the admins or whoever fixed the search...thanks guys :)
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    Thank you!!!!

    well thats a nice intro :) thanks for your service overseas..
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    sound issues with android box

    check your settings on the android box itself, its possible you have it set on mono, rather than hdmi..
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    Filmon TV Channels now no longer Free

    mhancoc any chance of the addon having a login added to it for people with accts? or you just gonna keep it simple lol..
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    Searches no longer offer link to post

    Is there any way to make this happen, or no?
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    Hello and thanks.

    Well that's a great way to introduce yourself..Welcome aboard :)
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    Request How To Change/Remove TVAddons Splash Screen in Krypton 17.1

    Or you could just add a line of code to you advancedsettings.xml <splash>false</splash>
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    Filmon TV Channels now no longer Free

    I dont believe kinkins filmon works with kodi 17, have no idea if 16 does or not, Mhancoc7 vesion wasnt coded for login use...but you could try notfilmon with login and that does work....
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    welcome to the site and enjoy your stay :)
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    you have to go to realdebrid site and open a support ticket and they want a screen shot of your working vpn connceted and a range of IP you plan on using..
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    vpn error

    sure its works on android, i run Zombioded Vpn Manager on mine, but note that also run LibreElec on mine, kszaq, amlogic s905g version..but like invisable says if you stick with android use an app, they must have one, but if you use libreElec on Android, try vpn manager, and LibreElec runs...
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    can't add my USTVNOW account on Kodi even though its in settings.

    mhancoc your doing a fantastic job around here, thanks..
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    vpn error

    private internet access or "pia" is another vpn provider, so if you bought "pure vpn" and are trying to use that in PIA settings that will not work lol.. look up VPN Manager in google, it may support your provider, its an addon for kodi..
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    Searches no longer offer link to post

    Is this still being looked at because It would be great to have the search fixed so you can go to the post your looking for answers to, thanks..
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    Platform update needed - KB2670838

    It's a known issue, read this and look for support there..
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    do i need new box

    I don't see any reason to dump 16.1 other than you cant a few https streams, but you could always run FTMC and have the best of both worlds..
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    Help with android box (kodi17)

    either way works, install the app from the play store, or download the apk it and sideload, your call..
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    MXQ adroid box with 4.4.2 says I need new box with os 5

    really lol...I would go for the shield personally, but hey some people like Chevy and some like Ford, although I don't no why..