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    Billiard/Pool on Amazon Firebox

    Try echo coders section, "Sp**tie" it has snooker..
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    kodi 17

    well I guess I gave you the answer then lol...krypton is a no go on your box unless you can update your box to at least lollipop
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    plexus not working

    Thanks rock, working good :)
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    plexus not working

    I don't think your giving the full url because of the code tags..
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    kodi 17

    krypton needs a min of android 5.0 and up, so more info on your setup would be helpful
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    Request Furk invite

    check you inbox..
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    Release IMDB Trailers - Addon to watch trailers hosted by IMDB

    thanks gujal for your hard work, your addons are awsome, and thanks for your help with the notch bro :)
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    Goodfellas 2.0

    That addon not supported here..
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    f4m tester

    post your log so we can see whats going on..
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    [RELEASE] Rockin Addon, Rock Music Videos

    I added in a Live music video/live radio section
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    [RELEASE] Rockin Addon, Rock Music Videos

    Rockin addon is a list of rock videos from youtube, I thought I would share it with members who enjoy music videos, the list is far from being complete and is a work in progress. I am by no means a coder of any sort, so don't ask for features to be added..If a coder wants to help me add some...
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    Why does TV addons only work with hardwired and not wifi?

    I run a few Rpi and they work just fine on wifi, tvaddons has absolutely nothing to do with it, reboot your router..
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    Request help with m3u8

    There is nothing wrong with the stream Pic Val:
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    So many add-ons simply don't work

    Why don't you try to post a log? then maybe you might get some help, I would think 99.9% of the members here don't have a crystal ball lol..
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    What Happened To The TVADDONS Repo?

    Well thanks for looking into it misty much appreciated..
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    What Happened To The TVADDONS Repo?

    Misy would you be able to have a look at this addon, if your not interested that ok, but this addon was a really good one before the youtube api changed, thanks in advanced if you take it on..