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    Native American Movies

    Please advise if there is an addon with Native American movies. Youtube has a lot of movies, but I would rather have an addon with everything together.
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    Native American content

    Does anyone know where I can find Native American movies on Kodi? Or any Native American content?
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    New Computer

    I just got a new desktop with Windows 8.1, when I installed Kodi nothing seemed to work. It would open but it wouldn't let me install any addons. What did I do wrong?
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    Kodi 14.1 Problem

    I just installed on my Fire Stick and get this message EXTERNAL PLAYER ACTIVE - Click ok when playback has ended. What's an external player? Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this fixed? Thanks in advance.
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    AFTV & zip files

    Hi All, Just need some advice. How do you add a zip file to XBMC using AFTV? I want to install an addon but need steps to do it. thanks, sondray
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    msnbc, lmn

    Can someone please tell me where I can find these 2 LIVE channels on XBMC, please and thank you!! (msnbc and lifetime movie network)
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    Cannot connect to remote server

    Hi, I just downloaded Gotham, no matter what channel I try, I get this error. I had Frodo but it gave the same error, so I deleted it. I have it installed on my HP laptop, with Windows 8. Any suggestions on how to remedy this?
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    WSPA News

    Is it possible to add this channel?
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    Cozi TV

    This looks like a great channel to have, all the old shows from the 70's, which I really like.
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    Shows from the 70's & 80's

    Anyone know where I can find the following shows? Is there a channel available? Starsky & Hutch Baretta Longstreet Lucan Sonny Spoon Dynasty The Colbys Dallas Judd for the Defense
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    Roku In The Near Future?

    Hi, Just wondering if its possible that XBMC will be available for Roku in the near future? I would love to be able to use XBMC on my TV rather than my laptop. Thanks, sondray
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    Hi All, Just joined and look forward to learning from everyone. I'm a beginner so be gentle with me, lol. sondray