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    What content can't you find on Kodi that you are looking for?

    Show called Dangerous Waters on channel MAVTV
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    Switched to Shield TV from Raspberry pi, glad I did, but overscan?!

    Holy cow what an amazing difference switching to the shield has been. Kodi runs like ice on glass now. ONLY issue Ive experienced is this overscan TV has always needed overscan adjustments in Kodi with raspberry pi, but with the ShieldTV, android only has this vertical and...
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    Question about a addons

    If youre here, at tvaddons, using Kodi, you dont need Netflix anymore. :) We cancelled Netflix, and just last week called to shut off DirecTV, were exclusively on Kodi now, but watch nothing live as a result.
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    Small disc on right of screen problem.

    Go into ES File explorer Settings -> Logger floating widget settings -> untick "Enable logger floating widget" I actually uninstalled ES file explorer altogether as its become over-bloated crapware. Chose to use another file explorer.
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    Watched indicators on home screen widgets, in Titan skin?

    How do you display watched indicators in the widgets on the home screen? Like shown here: Blue numbers in the corners...I am not using Kodiflix. They show watched from within the library or addon, but not on the home screen. Thanks
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    help with video stuttering

    How was Kodi 18? ;)
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    Accessing Trakt Configuration

    Its not a video addon, its a program, so it will be in programs.
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    Utube not working kodi

    I have to use the one from Kaosbox repo in order to get it to work. The "official" youtube addon hasnt worked for me in months.
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    Can you be more specific? "The mp3 player" should be built into your kodi software, and not reliant on a specific service being up or down. What are you trying to play and where is it located? Local media you have, or streamed across the internet?
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    the size of the file or video

    I think Ex**us will *sometimes* tell you the size, if you dont use auto-play.
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    You even censor private messages?

    Censoring private messages is a little over the top with the control, dont you think? We "dont discuss that here" is fine, keeping your so-called "unapproved addons" off the public forums, if that's the way you want it, I can understand that. But you really shouldn't censor PMs. Just my .02, I...
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    Boxing On Demand??

    I can never keep up with which addons are allowed...sorry.
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    Boxing On Demand??

    Moneysports has it, under recent events or something like that.
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    Very slow fanart loading (1 to 2 min)

    If your 4000 titles are local, you could use something like tiny media manager to download the fanart outside of kodi.
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    Wondering about the best addon to watch movies still in theaters?

    I fall back to universal media provider to see if any sources actually exist for movies that show up in other addons. If theres no sources there, then I trust that there are none available.
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    Hi complete newbie here

    I would direct you towards youtube, there are tutorial videos for just about everything, BUT be aware, some of them are dated and the URLs you see might be old. That will require a bit more research on your part. From my limited knowledge, it works like this... First you have to install the...
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    WHat are the best addons to have on xbmc ?

    I think hes ASKING how to get these channels
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    Best all in one

    Genesis or SA*TS, in my experience.
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    tvaddons on raspberry pi 2

    Use the linux version. Raspberry Pi runs a form of Linux. (Either OSMC or Raspbmc)
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    Custom widget, add to library

    I noticed that recently as well. I'm not sure why that is... Its like the widget shortcut to the add on runs a version of the add on that cannot access the library. If you manually navigate to the add-on itself, add to library works fine.