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    posting error log

    I'm back. RavRob, I see that you have how to post an error log at the bottom of your signature. It's for Jarvis and below. Is there a tutorial for Krypton? Do you think posting an error log would help solve this no stream available problem? Bluestacks and ********* are not the solution...
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    no stream available

    Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but there must be a solution to this problem. Kodi addons will stream movies. They will not stream TV shows; none of them. Kodi won't stream them as an apk in bluestacks either. Morpheus will and ********* will, not Kodi. Maybe that's a clue as to what's going on...
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    how to sign up

    What's the difference between AllDebrid, RealDebrid and SimplyDebrid? How do I sign up for any of them?
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    no url resolver installed

    URL resolver is not in the "manage dependencies" list. Resolve URL is there. Indigo is installed as well as tvaddons repo. I've looked till I'm blind to find somewhere, some way to download it manually. No luck. Anybody?
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    where are the old addons

    How about The Ro**l We. Is it banned,too? If not, how can it be obtained? While we're at it, are there any of the old addons that are not banned? If there are, how can we get'em?
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    can't watch anything

    I haven't watched anything for months (hospital). It seems nothing is available even things I've watched. Errors like not found,url blah blah, no Trakt account found. What up?
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    find music

    Is there a way to find a certain genre and then find within that genre certain works? For instance, can you search for: classical, Beethoven, Symphony.... or any other genres?
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    17.5 vs 17.3

    17.3 is the current version on my PC. Should it be replaced with 17.5 or is it secure? The addons I'm using (******, ********, *****, ********* and The Ro**l We) all work well. If 17.5 is installed, will any of those addons be deleted and, if so, can I get'em back? Thanks in advance for any...
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    Request how to post an error log in 17.3

    Is there a tutorial on how to post an error log in Krypton 17.3? Thanks for any help.
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    is IPVanish out of favor?

    IPVanish isn't mentioned any more on the forum and there aren't any ads for it either. Is it out of favor? Is there a better one that's recommended by or their members? I got it last summer and don't really know to this day if it does anything.
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    krypton 17.2 won't install

    When I opened Kodi this morning your message about a security hole said to upgrade to Krypton 17.2 to fix the problem. Following your instructions at the link you gave, I downloaded it and tried to install. A Windows pop-up said I need platform update KB971644 to install 17.2. That started an...
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    can't "pair"

    Is anybody else having a problem pairing with, or Openload is always "loading" or "please wait". doesn't even pretend. It just doesn't do anything when you hit the pair button. If it's just happening to me, I'll live with it. If not, does anybody...
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    music obscures voices

    I don't know if this is peculiar to a specific TV show or if it's possible to correct it with a setting. The music in the show overpowers the voices so as to make it very difficult to understand them. Can this be corrected? Did I mess with a setting and inadvertently cause it? Thanks for any...
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    addons don't play anything

    Hello, I paired openload and it won't play anything. Some of the streams start and immediately pause and continue to bump and jerk so that I have to stop it and try another link. It seems something went wrong between yesterday and today. There were a couple system crashes where Kodi...
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    last of the summer wine

    This may be too specific a question to ask in general video addon discussion but I'll do it anyway and if it's wrong somebody please tell me. I've searched 1Ch**nel, Ex**us, SA*TS, TRW, Velo**ty and YouTube for "Last of the Summer Wine" for the seasons following season 8 and all but YouTube...
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    tv show no play

    This is a pretty specific question but I don't know where else to post it. The only TV shows I've watched on Kodi are Roseanne and Last of the Summer Wine. The last episode of season 8 of Last of the Summer Wine onwards will not play on any addon. Does anyone know why all of the addons would...
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    how to embed a hyperlink

    Can any of you experts give me simple step by step instructions how to embed a clickable link in a post in this forum (or any forum)? This is probably not the place to ask this but I've Googled till my face has turned to blue oatmeal and I get info about blogrolls, BBcode, image vs. html...
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    is Al*uc necessary

    Hi, Al*uc rc2 says the main change is elimination of subscriptions but they require you to go to their website and provide email address and get user name and password. I guess that's ok but I'm reluctant to give out my email to yet another site. I already got enough spam. Are they safe? Is...
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    where to download kodi 17

    Hi anybody, Where can a final stable version of kodi 17 be downloaded? A Google search turns up plenty of results all of which don't have an actual download button. Also, are the beta 1, alpha 2, alpha 3 ok providing therei's a place to download them from. Thanks in advance for any help, billce
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    how to post new thread

    Hello, How do you post a new thread in the other forums besides this one. I don't see the little box named "new thread". Of particular interest are the premiumize and real debrid forums. I'm not lazy (well, maybe a little) but if I wade through 3,000+ posts to find the answer I'll lose...