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    how to regex a site using different tags

    I was looking at some examples pipcan made and I track 100% but in his video he uses the <img alt=> tags how would I combine these tags into one to play the video url of the video and show thumbnail in veiw. <a href="/video-movie-bashment-a-fork-in-the-road.nnhyopSnmaqHaIY.html" class="thumb"...
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    By no means was I insinuating that. Fair exchange is no robbery either. When I do quality graphics it takes time as well. You being a developer that's your lane, I would never take that away from you as well as I am a graphic designer and do some coding. I really don't ask for help with...
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    Tknorris, I do graphic design, if you we're to exchange quality graphics for addon help and creation. I am your man.
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    Use PC to work on android Kodi.

    You must have root access to do this on the stick. Which is currently not available by a software root only hardware root. The native team viewer application only provides access to the directories as you indicated but no working for remote control. I have done this on the 1st gen fire tv...
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    Another noob here sorry

    If there are a lot of user on the particular sever or watch the same stream then this is server overload therefore most of your buffering issues come from that.
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    Another noob here sorry

    Your buffering issue has nothing to do with Mac/PC I am running every platform cause I do a lot of testing. My mac actual runs kodi better than my Windows laptop. I just recent got the Apple TV 4 and it is faster and less choppy than than my AfTV 4K
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    Anyone Working On Addons For Kodi Apple TV 4

    @crocky you have NTFS or SMB working
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    shaolin kung fu fanatic

    Bump this.
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    Request My first Music addon

    Hello Devs, I am a newbie to coding python, and I was able to fork a version of music addon, and started to edit the code. I need as much help as possible. I listen to a lot of reggae and this website ( provides reggae mixtapes as well as other music. I wanted to create a...
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    How to build addons?

    Honestly most of the instructions and guides are overwhelming and not systematic. Therefore a beginner or non-coder would not be able to place the instructions together to create a great addon. The majority of addons are created by skilled coders not beginners or novice individuals wanting to...
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    Do you have Android TV yet?

    Tuxen, can you PM me how you setup NTFS, I have a synology diskstation and need to set it up.
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    Wounded Warrior Project Sues ‘Rival’ Over Copyright

    Being a Vet, myself I think that Keystone vet may be trying to raise funding for vets, but I still see alot of messed vets out there, so I don't trust none of these organizations. There no better than the VA
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    Low memory on fire tv

    I am a savvy XBMC user, but like many of you have indicated. These memory increases due to thumbnails search, potentially can leave XBMC in a un-bootable state. I believe this matter should be escalated to the Kodi-team, so that in final releases, a favorable solution can be provided. STB's...
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    Black screen on Amazon Fire TV..

    I used stick mount to add games and other stuff to FTV, I would remove EX. HDD, and install it back. No problems I suspect this is maybe a input or as some of you suggested. Older TV...... This is not a FTV issue was able to see FTV menus if he can see that then it is bad installation of XBMC.
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    Ouya and Gotham issues

    Apparently that is coming from a addon, that is not uninstalled do as others suggest use adb or FTP into ouya and do a full uninstall grab a copy of Gotham from xbmchub or the wiki if you got it from an unofficial site it could have had something built into the install file.
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    Welcome to XBMCHUB Graphics

    Dazzlerellis let me know what you got I have a dropbox account
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    KEYBOARD.XML - share yours

    I know this might not be the right place but I did not see any ouya post other than the main. I got ouya last night followed tutorial made few minor adjustments to direction on my end, but working flawlessly. I am using constellation app on ipad mini to control as I do with my atv2's...
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    Nito Installer - issues & problems

    I was not abe to run that command I received an error when I did it.. I will try when I get home again I have two apple tv's that went down after installing nitoTV with installer. I am not sure why this is happening, but it is frustrating.
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    Nito Installer - issues & problems

    This error is not letting me instal XBMC or anything else for that matter I reset the atv2 twice and the same error still appears after i reboot.
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    Nito Installer - issues & problems

    Hello Dev's I have a problem with my Atv2 it appears that when I update my nito updates it removed XBMC that I had working great. Needless to say I jailbreaked my device over. installed nito from the installer on ipad now i get a message saying ( E: Type "libcurl.4.dylib" is not known on line...