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    In the market for another Set Top Box?

    I have a couple of MI boxes and I love them
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    the $8.93 CDN Funds 4K android box

    I seen one similar to this the other day for $22 shipped I almost bought one
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    Homepage Videos Sub Menu

    I didnt know where to put this.. I can go in and change them to what I want as in Ex**us.. Vidtime Then when I exit out of Kodi it defaults back to the original Is there anyway to keep my choices ? I noticed we have lost the option in Maintenance tool to change it in there Once I...
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    Help! The wrong tv show is always playing

    I give up Tell Me Tell ME !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Canada going after android boxes?

    There is nothing wrong with the boxes its the software that is put onto them Same as back in the days of FTA the units themselves were not illegal the software that some chose to put on them made the units a no no
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    Android M8S+ forgets date and goes to 1969

    The Box is clearly defective Either deal with the problem or smash it and pick up a new one They are cheap enough anyhow
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    Canada going after android boxes?

    Nothing last forever Does anyone remember the days of FTA
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    Hi!! Looking for a box, in Canada

    I picked up my first box on Amazon Canada Matricom G box Q They have the q2 out now It seems to work pretty well and matricom claims to have a 1 year warranty
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    Is Fusion down?

    There are multiple threads going on about this already YES it is down
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    I have Kodi 15.2 isengard but is that the latest?

    Have a look on the Kodi site
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    I have a question

    I currently pay for her Netflix and that is all they watch as they are now used to not having commercials and they come over and think my little black box is the greatest thing since netflix lol
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    I have a question

    Setting up a m8s for my 70 year old mother I was wondering if there is any way to control her unit remotely from my own home She can barely turn on her pc and I know hooking a box up at her house is going to be a royal pain if I have to try and talk her through anything on the unit She...