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    Confluence 7 icon mod for Gotham?

    Does anyone know who did the 7 icon mod that is available in the hub tool? Will it also be available for Gotham? It is a really handy mod but does not work with Gotham.
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    Common revolvers in URLresolver that are not working.

    There doesn't appear to be a thread which discusses which resolvers are currently broken and not working. There are so many and for the most part the majority from the last update are still working. I thought I would list the most common ones that are currently not working and if anyone has a...
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    billion uploads resolver

    The latest billionuploads resolver works but the captcha is so small it is hard to read. I have a 55" TV and still find it too small so I think many others likely have the same issue. Just some feedback on it!
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    I think I am abscessed with XBMCHUB... I think I have refreshed this forum a million times in the last few days waiting for new posts. I thought Facebook was bad for that :) In all seriousness though, this site rocks. I am always asking for stuff from the awesome devs, but I am slowly learning...
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    How to replace files in XBMC using RPI?

    Hi PI team, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me replace some .py fix files on my PI? I am using a raspbmc USB install. I imagine I have to SSH into the PI which I am able to do but after that I have no idea of the commands to use. If there is an easier way such as using a file...
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    How will they stop streaming?

    With the increasing popularity of streaming sites and the amount that seem to be popping up one has to think the focus from all the anti piracy groups will shift to online streaming and less towards torrents in the future. How long that takes I am not sure but it is something I can see...
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    Cheers to the HUB

    Hello All, I guess I should introduce myself. I have been lurking around here for a few months and make the occasional post. My first experience with XBMC was back with the original XBOX. I thought it was the coolest thing around how I could play games from my HDD and stream music and movies...