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    G-box Q and kodi

    Matricom website states there is a problem with their Q box not taking any KODI upgrades. They are supposedly working on the problem and stated they would inform their users when the issue is fixed.Users will have to be content with the Kodi version that comes preinsyalled until this issue is...
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    M8 vs Amazon fire Tv

    You obviously did not read all of this thread, but having said that there are loads of them out there for sale. From Amazon website and from ebay as well as retail outlets.It helps to do a little reading. BTW IMO a very good device!!!! I hope this is what you were referring to in your post!!.
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    Whats the best box out right now?

    If you get the MXIII you might want to get a wireless keyboard or mouse (I reccomend Logitech K400). The remote that comes with the MXIII is glitchy. You press a button the wrong way(meaning too much pressure) and it jumps functions. Hope this makes sense to you. But then again I may have just...
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    The Nexus Player works with external storage and USB ethernet

    So for the sake of us dumb folks, what does mean in relation to XBMC? Thanks
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    Cache full

    Something else you might try if you haven't already. When you go to settings and to the XBMC app where it says "launch application"> scroll down to "clear cache" and try that. Just under "launch application" there is "force stop" which you might need to click on to bring XBMC back up after...
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    Minix Neo X8-H

    Thank you this fixed my problem!:)
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    Minix Neo X8-H

    I'm going to take a shot here and hope that someone here can help. I jist got the Minix settings done and foubd out I need to add Fusion yo get my Addons. The box is set up with Gotham 13.1. My problem is I can't use the onscreen keyboard with the supplied remote and I don't have a fly mouse...
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    Buy Amazon Fire

    Try the obvious--Amazon!!!
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    Fire TV could become the most expensive device in your home

    Well to let you know I live in what some would call a big city (pop. exceeding 1 Milllion) and if you are a Comcast customer and have not been affected then consider yourself fortunate. The cap they placed on me was based on my past usage. As I stated my usage went up when I got the Amazon Fire...
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    I have around $100...

    Personally I like the Minix neo x8-h. They are a great box and can be had for around $ $150.. You can see the reviews on Youtube. JMO..
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    Quad core v Dual core.

    In reference to the Armada M8, it is faster than the MX2. and I'm not sure where you are checking the prices but the Armada M8 is much cheaper than the MX2. You can find them on Ebay as well as other quad core models. Personally speaking I am going for the new Minix Neo X8-h. It is Quad core...
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    Quad core v Dual core.

    Just a bit of info. I have the MX2 and the Armada M8 quad-core. The Armada works really well, very fast. The remote works very snappy, but the mouse arrow is still very much like the MX2 remote, but I found out that the remote for the Armada M8 works for the MX 2 and I might add is also very...
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    Fire TV could become the most expensive device in your home

    A few months back I was notified by Comcast (my ISP) that they were going to start capping my data at 300 G.per month and for the beginning of this they would offer me extra G's in 50 G blocks which would be implemented when I I reached my 300 G's. Now they are not charging me for the first 3...
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    addon to update ABMC?

    If your current vrsion of XBMC is working then you should not need to update to another version.
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    broken things

    These are just addons or programs that no longer work, so they are marked as "broken". Nothing to worry about, you can click "yes" and that will remove them from the addons. I think you may be using a version of Gotham XBMC and if so I think there are some issues with some addons not beind...
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    Hi all and I need help please.

    Unclear about what you mean by "tuning and restarting the boxes) If they had XBMC pre-installed all you should have needed to do was install Fusion if you did not already have the Addons.
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    Question about Gotham(ol fella here is kinda lost)

    Well I'm an old fella too and need help along the way. I don't know what you are referring to when you say version 19, but have you been to XBMC.ORG? That is where you should find all of the downloads. (Gotham, Etc) Gppd Luck!
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    UPGRADE my Box to the next level

    I shared your problem only I had 2 "bricked" boxes. I went to the Matricom website got insructions to load the latest versions of firmwarw (1.1.6 or1.1.7) and after loading the new firmware all was good. I wish I had found this out before buying a new
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    Weird Poblem

    You got the MX with XBMC installed and you had to load your fusion for the repositories? What I was referring to by restting the box was going into Settings> under "Programs or on the apps page" There you will find the reset option.which wipes all the data and give you new starting point.. Also...
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    Weird Poblem

    I don't know what box you are using but it sounds to me like you just need to wipe the box (Reset It) and start over fresh. And then let someone like Mj71 guide you step by step( my apologies Mj) or someone else. It sounds like the way I used to get with the FTA boxes and when I got frustrated I...