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    Minix Neo X8-H

    I'm going to take a shot here and hope that someone here can help. I jist got the Minix settings done and foubd out I need to add Fusion yo get my Addons. The box is set up with Gotham 13.1. My problem is I can't use the onscreen keyboard with the supplied remote and I don't have a fly mouse...
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    Heed some help--not a Noob just a dumb ol' man

    Is there a way to add a file to the Raspberry Pi? I have the file on a flash drive because there is no way to use S D card because my OpenElec is installed there. Hope this makes sense? Thanks for any help. Greatly appreciated!:confused:
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    Anyone have a layman's guide on how to install Linux on the G Box MX2? I know it can be done, there is a site that has Linux based GBoxrs! Thanks for any help!
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    A very new and unexperienced member!

    Just wanted to say Hello! I own both MX2 and Ouya. Not being very tech savvy I have run into some issues with both boxes. I read the posts from the member who complained about the stuttering in the Ouya and experienced the same thing but it only lasted for a very short period. As I stated I am...