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    Kodi logo gone?

    I have llama and iconotv on my 1gen firetv and the kodi logo is gone from the screen all i have is the iconotv logo anyone knows how to fix it i try with adb fire but the option is not there only for fire starter. Thanks for any advice.
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    4k firetv and llama?

    For those with the new 4k firetv can you install llama to be able to have kodi in the home screen. Thanks
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    ufc addon

    is there a addon that you can find ufc past events? thanks
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    kodi logo getting deleted overnight

    having an issue I'm using the llama and ikonotv option and i had replaced the ikono logo with kodi logo and overnight the kodi logo is getting deleted and is happening with 3 different devices anyone has a solution for this issue. Thanks
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    TV wont recognize amazon fireTV or stick

    Has anyone experience this kind of problem one of my tv's sharp lc-22dv24u wont recognize the FireTv or Stick but it will recognize the AppleTv try to reset Tv but no go. Thanks for any input
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    updating to Kodi 14.0?

    Hi guys my questions is can you update to Kodi on top of gotham using adbfire or do you have to uninstall gotham first,trying to keep my addons. Thanks.
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    from 5.0.1 to 5.3?

    Hi atv2 on 5.0.1 how to get to 5.3 and rejailbreak thanks
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    Advancedsertings.xml path

    Hi im trying to transfer advancedsettings.xml using cyberduck and this the path right /sdcard/android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata but this is all i see sdcard/android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/ There is nothing else after /files what im doing wrong?
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    time and loading indicator

    i noticed a couple of days ago that the time elapse indicator on the videos is not working. in another words if i pause the video i don't know how long i watch it for. how can i fix it? Thanks for any advice.
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    root fire tv benefits?

    i like to know what are the benefits for rooting the fire tv i know you can get access to a lot of things but really what is the best thing to do or install. Honestly all i care is for xbmc and i have that so can someone let me know what I'm missing on. Thanks
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    best must have apps?

    I'm pretty new to fire tv can anyone share what are the best must have thire party apps and if this against the rules mods can delete it. Thanks
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    buffering issues?

    hi guys I'm new to the firetv and i install xbmc on it and i seem to have a lot of buffering issues is there a setting to make this better i have an apple tv also and i don't have any buffering issues like this. Thanks for any input
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    how do I install addons?

    Hi guys im a newbie when it comes to the ftv i manage to install xbmc on it now how do i install the addons I try to use fusion and the addons don't seem to install properly thanks for any info
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    Xbmc corrupted on my ipad2?

    I have a problem that everytime I start xbmc a window comes up up like the window you get when you click on a movie link to chose the server then after a sec the normal xbmc window comes up and today there was a Ic*f*lms update and it didn't want it to auto update I had to update it my self I...